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And whining too!

Overdue Order

It’s been several months since I’ve patronized RACS, but I finally got on the stick and put an order in: Kanokon – DVD 1. Obligation buy. All that’s left out there, because I waited so long. Gurren Lagenn – boxed … Continue reading

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Embrace the Stream

Because download-to-own is dead at Crunchyroll: As Crunchyroll continues to evolve, we add new features and remove ones that don’t perform well. Recently we’ve made a decision to discontinue our Download-to-Own service, which lets users purchase DRM-free, downloadable videos of … Continue reading

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Get with it already….

Ok, the raws are beginning to hit the webs. For all that I ranted at it, the girls in Kampfer are cute. But still…. Hopefully, there will be some subbed anime to watch this weekend. I can’t even find anything … Continue reading

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Just Thinking…

Steven goes on about his super share ratio at Baka BT… sheesh, give a guy a big HD and a commercial connection, and he goes berserk. Meanwhile, I still haven’t broken 1.0 share ratio, although that’s partially because I downloaded … Continue reading

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There’s times I really, really, really hate having ADHD. Like now. For most of the last week, I’ve been having a hyperfocus “lock” centered on anime, especially Ah! My Goddess. I never liked it THAT much; it’s a romance/relationship story, … Continue reading

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Are You Out of Your Alledged Mind?

So let me get this straight… There’s going to be a total of SIX iterations of the time loop in the Endless Eight arc? The only possible explanation of this is that they were trying to top season one’s mixed-up … Continue reading

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Does Not Compute!

Ok, I didn’t do this one, because my snark seems to be on vacation. But it still cracks me up, so enjoy. I actually took some screenshots a few days ago, but “teh funny” just wasn’t there. For my really … Continue reading

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