Steven Den Beste, In Memoriam

I can’t write like I used to, and this is a subject about which I never could. I’m bummed. I’m sad. I want to go have a cry like my best friend died. I’m reasonably sure he didn’t reciprocate — i was probably more annoyance than friend, the few times we corresponded.

One of the greats has fallen. Steven DenBeste, he of the smartass ancestor, passed away sometime in the last week. Probably even unnoticed, at his apartment. He was the largest of my three main inspirations when I took up blogging (at Houblog all those years ago), and he had a lot of influence on my early years. The fact that he also liked anime was just icing on the cake.

So, as I can’t do him justice with a eulogy, I’ll do what I can do in his honor: Post pictures of scantilly-clad anime girls. Warning: NSFW below the fold.

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This doesn’t look good at all (Update)

Steven DenBeste has been out of contact for over a week now. Brickmuppet managed to determine his address close enough to contact the police, who reached his family. They declined police assistance and are “handling it within the family.” Follow the thread here.

UPDATE: Steven has passed. Damn.

I’ve tagged this “Death in the family” because that’s what it feels like.

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And Now We Know

Ever since the plot synopsis of Magical Girl Raising Project became known, everyone has asked the question: “light farce, or Madoka dark?”

The first scene of the first episode:


Yeah, I guess that’s a clue. But it gets weirder. Not only do the next few scenes seem to establish Our Girl as a thoroughly Broken Cutie and (now) Axe Crazy, the OP is all happy-friendship! And the protagonist is probably as big of a magical girl otaku as can be. So’s the guy who becomes her magical girl partner. No, I don’t mean “partner to her magical self.” I mean he’s a magical girl, who becomes her partner.

And I don’t mean a masou shujou by any means. He turns into a girl (though with a strange reptile tail, it seems) when he transforms. Looks like it’s going to be…weird. I’d post a few more pics, but I’m having issues with Crunchy right now. Maybe they’re being DDOSed? Sorry.

That is why I can’t post much about Izetta: The Last Witch. I watched it, and it’s got strong elements of yuri between Princess Fine’ and Izetta, the witch. Although we don’t see that until the end, when the two meet (again) rather explosively. Fine’ comes across as a committed, dedicated noble’s noble. She is not a delicate flower, for all that she’s pretty; her enemies describe her as “tomboyish” though I think that’s selling her short. Other than a traumatic childhood, we don’t have much to determine Izetta’s nature yet, though she’s obviously very dedicated to the Princess.

Haven’t watched anything else yet, but these two are looking like keepers, so far.

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Things We Needed To Know

How to wear a samurai sword.

Spotted over at Instapundit.

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Summer 2016

I was going to add some pictures, but after three weeks, I think it’s fair to say “I’m lazy.” So here you go.

Despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth, it’s not the worst season ever. Maybe. Come to think of it, two of the three shows I’m watching are holdovers from last season. Ugh. At least I do have a few that I can watch without reaching for a truckload of brain bleach. (I’m talking about you HxH… not that I’m watching it.)

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HxH Again

Well, I read through the end of the 7th LN. The whipsawing between pathos on one hand, and pandering sex on the other… continued unabated. Things on the prurient side:

1. Multiple threesomes.
2. Yuri – lots.
3. At least two orgies.
4. Saving two worlds through the second orgy. Which, by the way, was televised, world-wide. Uncensored.
5. A sex scene involving a 13-year old and a realistic dildo. With penetration.
6. Sister-sister incest, and bro-con incest. At least Reiri was terribly embarassed and tried to conceal it.

Continuing with the pathos (and angst)

7. The American team shows up, and the leader hates Yurisha, her former leader.
8. One battle involves 15 students killed (unnamed mooks).
9. At least two named antagonists are killed.
10. Chidorigafuchi Aine’s memory comes back slowly. About that…. Show ▼

Ok, lets face it. I was disappointed when #6 finally showed up, but #5 was too damn far. I don’t see how they’re going to get that even on AT-X, and frankly, I don’t want them to.


I read the first half of the 8th LN. Referencing GreyDuck’s comment below, “And then the streams crossed the final frontier!” Seriously, I should have quit while I was ahead. Show ▼

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Hybrid X Heart

Wow, surprised me to see how long it’s been since I posted. So, this season’s panderfest, Magias Academy HxH. I was writing a post about it that just kept getting longer and longer, trying to explain the balance of pandering vs. plot, and it just aggravated me until I developed multiple personalities that had an argument in a Q&A format. It went something like this:

Q: “So, does this show have anything besides pandering? Comedy? Drama? Plot? Story?”
A: “Well yeah, it’s got comedy…”

Q: “Based on the pandering, right?”
A: “…mostly.”

Q: “Drama? Pathos?”
A: “Definitely pathos. Major parental issues, abandonment, emotional abuse…”

Q: “Enough to carry the story if there was no fanservice or pandering? If the girls were all plain? Or ugly?”
A: “Ummm… no. I think we’d say it was kinda thin and undeveloped. And maybe not realistic?”

Q: “So it’s really just pandering with a veneer of plot and pathos so it can say, ‘Hey, it isn’t just pandering!’, right?”
A: “Yeah, I think that’s about it.”

Q: “So what do we do that that post we wrote?”
A: “I didn’t write that crap, you did!”
Q: “Did not! That was your fault!”
A: “Did to!”

At which point I served an eviction notice to the voices in my head (they were just renting anyway), and decided to post the rest of the article as is. Enjoy. Oh, and if you inflict this on yourself, download the ATX uncensored version. Crunchy isn’t worth it, thanks to the censoring.

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