Akame ga Kill

Forgot this one. It’s not great entertainment, but I’m getting into it. The evil general is a totally sadistic bitch. And a babe too. Not for the squeamish though; lots of characters dying, and they’re often pretty girls, who deserve better. In fact, the show is shallow, stupidly brutal, and determined to show just how bad the human race can be, while still maintaining a whimsical nature and trying to be funny.

Ok, I admit it, I’m mainly watching for the lulz, but the death toll makes me wince. Although Akame is the titular character, it’s really following Tatsumi, a young country hick who goes to the capital with two friends (one is the girl they’re both crushing on), but even before they get there, Bad Things Happen. It only gets worse when Tatsumi arrives. He gets swindled by a pretty, boobalicious girl, then rescued by another pretty, but younger noble girl.

I said 'pretty, boobalicious' not 'pretty boobalicious.' But that's true too.

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Anime Roundup

Weeks between posts, haven’t updated the anime list in three years, and over 120 spam sitting in the buffer. You’d think I wasn’t paying attention to the site much, or something. Well, I’m bored with all the games I’ve been playing, so what the hell, I’ll actually write about anime for once. So here goes with a few notes on what I’m enjoying these days.

edit: added break, and adding pictures.
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Done Deal

Going back to this post, I can finally say that I’ve been redshirted. I didn’t make the announcement when it actually happened, because I still maintain anonymity (though Houblog has been defunct for a while now). So yes, somewhere, in a John Ringo book I’m not going to name, is my real world name, which I’m not going to tell you. So why should you care? No reason at all… :-)

Edit: They’re called “Ringo’s Redshirts” for the alliteration. And what Ringo has to say about the “official” SF&F fan group, is best left unsaid. In polite company, that is.

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Why I Don’t Like Flying

I mean, aside from the cost and tiny seats that wouldn’t fit a loli:
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I Think I Figured It Out…

What this Momo Kyun Sword show is about, that is….
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So, I’m Guessing…

That Crunchyroll isn’t going to have the second season of RWBY? It’s not due until the 24th, so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Looks good though…

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It’s Been a While…

So I think I’ll talk about a LN for a little bit. I’m still following the Baka-Tsuki translation of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou (Demon King at the Back of the Classroom). The twelve-episode anime series covered the first five novels — except for the last few paragraphs. Viewers may remember that Akuto and Peterhausen defeated the god Suhara (who was really just a computer), and Bouichiro, the time-traveling agent who wanted to kidnap the Law of Identity, Keena’s alter ego. In the last few omitted sentences, a second Keena shows up – a blonde who has, and remembers receiving the same hairpiece from Akuto as a child.

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