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I’ll make a longer post sometime this weekend, but I’ve watched the Gargantia OVA’s and the Madoka movie. The OVA’s were a bit disappointing, in that I thought they were based after Chamber’s sacrifice and Ledo’s decision to live on with the Gargantia fleet. I was wanting to see a bit more of what became of him afterwards.

Instead one was set after Ridget succeeded to command of the fleet, but before the commander’s fleet showed up. It was unimportant plotwise; just a chance to spend time with the same characters and see Ridget when she was younger (in a flashback). Amy’s friends and Pinion decide to prank Ledo and Amy, only to nearly get lasered for their effort.

The other was set before Ledo arrived, showing how his Commander ended up on Earth, taking over a pirate fleet and establishing his sick religion. Striker had a lot to do with it, but he made the final decision to set the course. Given the difference in the size and leadership of the fleet that attacked Gargantia, he may have arrived several generations before Ledo.

As for Madoka – Rebellion….I don’t know what to think. And I can’t explain why, because it gets into huge, enormous spoilers. I forgot where I read that the movie has to do with what the Kyubians decided to do after being told by Homura that they’d originally used another, more efficient method to obtain energy. And while that’s true; there’s a lot more going on than that. I might post some pictures, but I’m not going to post anything about what happens, except to say that we’re treated to a lot of weird witchiness and all five magical girls working together — along with one hell of a fight between Homura and Mami. The problem is, I don’t know how I feel about the ending, and what happens to Homura and Madoka. In some regards, it’s happily ever after. But it’s a dark happily ever after, so I don’t know whether to be elated or sad. Like the original series, they spent time dealing with the consequences.

However, I can definitely say I was right about one thing a couple of years ago… (though I can’t find the comment; it may have been on Chizumatic): Homura was not so nice to the Kyubians as Madoka. Heh.

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It’s Been Awhile

Since I put in an order to Robert. Thanks to all the medical bills lately (about $500, at a conservative estimate), I had to take it easy, and only order three items. Although, I remember when $133 would get me about six disks…

Well, there’s a reason. The big purchase, accounting for over half the cost, is something I really should have realized came out last year.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie -Rebellion- I ordered the special edition DVD/BluRay combo.


Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works (movie) This one’s a guilt buy, but except for an overly compressed first ten minutes, it’s far superior to the talky, draggy, slow series about to conclude.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Complete Collection) The big draw here is that it includes the two OVA’s that came out after the series. I didn’t even know there were any.

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Here We Go Again…

Barely got dried out from the Memorial Day flood, and now a wet tropical storm is coming at us. Looks like it the worst will miss just to the west, but not by much; we could get 3=4″ across most of western Houston… nothing like the 11″ some areas saw; that will be further down the coast. Which won’t be fun for them, but at least there’s less folks at risk.

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Should have thought of that..

In the final arc of Ah! My Goddess, Hild, Urd, Skuld, and the goddess sent to examine Belldandy and Keichi’s love are passing the time while the latter pair are off being tested by the Gate. Said test only starts with walking through an arch, and is much more.. difficult, especially after Bell’s father usurps the test and possesses Gate-sama. (BTW, he’s not Kami-Sama.)

Now bear in mind that the test, as shown in the AMG movie, was not exactly canon. But for the final arc of the manga, the author added a similar process and idea; that the members of two different races, being permitted to marry meant being subjected to a test so difficult that no one EVER succeeded. So from the moment of its introduction in the canonical arc, he had one, tensey-weensy problem to explain.

Urd. Daughter of Hild and an unnamed god. (who, as has been noted, wasn’t Kami-Sama). So how did that happen? As the Goddesses and Hild discuss it, the answer becomes clear: Hild and her paramour took the test, and they, like everyone else, failed. But Hild wouldn’t take no for an answer, and being the ruler of Hel, was powerful enough to force a loophole. She created a spell that broke the system, just for the two of them. Once, just once, she was able to meet her lover again, and conceive Urd. But the price of breaking the rules was draconian. They could only meet once, safely. If she ever meets him again, even by accident, she dies.

A couple of links back to earlier speculation:

Who is Keichi Morisato?
More AMG Manga Reflections
Ah! My Goddess, the Movie

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And they all lived happily ever after ™

It’s only been a year since it was scanlated. You think I’d have noticed earlier.

Longest. Courtship. EVER.

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It’s the End of Civilization as We Know It…

And I feel fine.

While I was paying attention to nothing nearly as important, HyperDimension Neptunia: ReBirth 1 was released last January on Steam. ReBirth 2 is also out.

Now, I could buy the game, play it, and then review it, but hey, I did that last month with Sunrider. So I’ll just steal the important parts of Steam player Pepsimanvsjoe‘s review (much abridged):
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Not Good

More storms all across the area, but at least it’s not training as bad as it did a few days ago. The southwest side is having some of that, though, and it was the worst hit before.

EDIT: Had to post quickly due to power going on and off. Here’s a couple of pictures showing the training. The actual storm movement is just a bit south of due east, NOT SE.

Storm just moving into my area (I'm east of downtown).

Notice the second line building behind the first, near Katy.

EDIT 2: (P)resident Evil, who lives in the Austin area, states he’s not going to stop cheering for the rain until Lake Travis is full; it’s only at 75%.

Two weeks ago, it was at 40%…

EDIT 3: Things settled down with a max of just over 3″ of rain. Nothing like last time.

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