So, Am I Finally Out of My Slump?

Since mid-November, I’ve been having a terribad time playing World of Warships. Only this week have I finally put together several nights in a row that I would consider successful.

Its a slight uptick...


So, my win rate is continuing to trend downwards, but every other stat is going up. Average damage is probably on the increase due to the higher tiers I’m playing, but I feel better about my play too. I’m using cover more, and having high-damage games even when I play lower tiers. Not that I always do well; I have my share of sub-1000 damage games where everything goes wrong. But I got a little curious today about ship stats during play. Here’s a little of what I found.

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Updates better damn well follow….

I’m not losing another blog-friend, dammit.

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Still Alive

Yep, believe it or not.

I need to get on the stick and write about some anime. Watched a little last night — Masamune-kun’s Revenge (thumbs up), and Fate/Grand Order (thumbs down).

Short reviews: Revenge is not fall-down, side-splitting funny, but it is cute and has it’s fair share of laughs. I followed the manga until the trip to France, at which point the fake piggy got annoying. It appears he Show ▼

will appear in the series, which might mean a two-cour run.

Fate/Grand Order was an insult to a grand franchise. Based on the smart-phone game, it no engaging characters, gripping villains, sense of drama, or much continuity with the original Fate/Stay Night story. Story-telling was very indifferent. One thing; it was either a triple-length first episode or an OVA — the run time was better than 72 minutes.

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Nice job!

And I thought I liked the Mattis pick….
I mean, from commercials like this, it’s obvious that this guy understands that $15/hr burger flippers aren’t what we need.

Full disclosure: I worked for a Hardee’s back when I was in college. My top wage was $3.45/hr …

Edit: Fuller disclosure — eating hamburgers with neither score you a date with a supermodel, nor cause you to look like one.

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It’s 2016, man

Three feet of snow.

In Hawaii?

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Holiday Weekend

Hope yours was happy. Mine was okay — but here’s what I did Saturday: the Houston Autorama.

If you jazz up your Lincoln Continental, does that make it a Blingcoln Continental?

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Takao is My Waifu!

So, another comment got away from me and became a post… original post by Wonderduck here, all about World of Warships.

Regarding paper ships, if you follow some of the Developer pieces, they talk about how the game was based on more real stats and such up through beta 0.2, at which point they realized that the lack of balance was going to kill the game in the long run. So they re-wrote the game almost from scratch, and changed the philosophy to favor game balance over realism. Without the paper ships and post WWII ships, there’d be huge gaps … the Germans wouldn’t have any T9 BB’s, and only the Japs would have T10′s.

Mostly, it was a good idea. Mostly. I think the American ships lose a lot of their advantages (fire control and damage control). And you can’t model crew quality, nor officer thinking/training/preconceptions.

I prefer PVP, as the bots just aren’t enough of a challenge. Not to say I’m good at it (I’m not), but I just managed to get my second T8 ship, the North Carolina. And I’m at T6 with the IJN.

I agree with Wonderduck that the Cleveland is a sweet ship; I prefer it to the T7 Pensacola or T8 New Orleans. The Pepsi-can is too fragile (although the Brit cruisers give new meaning to the word – OMG!), and the NO is just “crunchy, tastes good with ketchup” in an environment replete with Bismarks and Tirpitzs.

Amusing story: Last night I engaged in a battle of “pop goes the weasel” between my ARP Ashigara and an enemy Dunquerke. At the final confrontation, I choked and fired too early, doing underwhelming damage with most of my salvo. The Dun got his guns clear and our next shots were almost simultaneous; his shells hit just before I fired. As he blew up, I checked my damage, and set course for an enemy New Mexico… I had 4 hit points left.

Yep, four. There was no red visible on my silhouette at all.

The amazing thing is that I actually engaged the battleship and landed several hits, then survived the game through sheer luck and inspired maneuvering. We won on points.

EDIT: From my comment on Wonderduck’s thread: My stats are visible here.


Edit 2: Takao.

Mai Waifu

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