Yes, I do live

Well, I am still around, and I’m still having (a lot more) problems with trying to type, but hey, I’m bored. And getting back into anime. Frankly, I wasn’t enjoying the crap being put out for the last few years, but that has turned around pretty dramatically in the last two seasons. Frierin, Apothocary, Solo Leveling, 7th Time Loop, and more.

Beyond that, I’ve been falling down the rabbit hole with the whole Nijisanji/Selen/Sayu thing, and spent HOURS watching livestreams with Legal Mindset. I didn’t even know V-tubing existed before this fit hit the shan. Note: the summary is before the contracts became public. And hoo boy were those … interesting.

Maybe I should get involved in that for a little extra cash…. NANI??? A V-tube model costs how much????

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  1. Ubu Roi says:

    testing comments since the site resurrection.
    Rigging of a Vtuber model: [i][/i]

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