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Ubu? Who’s That?

Heh, yes, I’m still alive. Other than the occasional appearance in someone else’s comments, I’ve been kind of quiet lately. So a short update…. Stopped playing Rift again. Just not worth it; I was having more fun with the Minions … Continue reading

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We Hates It

Re-installing games and software. Due to a series of glitches and screwups fixing the glitches, I’m currently reinstalling all my games. After reinstalling Windows. Multiple times…. Stressing me out and pissing me off. First world problems, eh? Still got one … Continue reading

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So, Am I Finally Out of My Slump?

Since mid-November, I’ve been having a terribad time playing World of Warships. Only this week have I finally put together several nights in a row that I would consider successful. So, my win rate is continuing to trend downwards, but … Continue reading

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Updates better damn well follow….

I’m not losing another blog-friend, dammit.

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Still Alive

Yep, believe it or not. I need to get on the stick and write about some anime. Watched a little last night — Masamune-kun’s Revenge (thumbs up), and Fate/Grand Order (thumbs down). Short reviews: Revenge is not fall-down, side-splitting funny, … Continue reading

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Nice job!

And I thought I liked the Mattis pick…. I mean, from commercials like this, it’s obvious that this guy understands that $15/hr burger flippers aren’t what we need. Full disclosure: I worked for a Hardee’s back when I was in … Continue reading

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It’s 2016, man

Three feet of snow. In Hawaii?

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