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Next day after the next day after. I still feel like crap, but am at work. (on break!) Spent some time playing WoWs yesterday; had some decent games, but also had a “derp?” encounter. Was tooling along in my Bogue … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

So it’s been a while, and I thought I’d catch up while I’m at home today. Had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon, and even though it was just cleaning and a filling, I don’t do well in the chair. It’s … Continue reading

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Big Order

Short version: kinda confusing first few minutes, weird vibes for the next few, then angsty for a bit, followed by violent. And then the last two minutes hits, and it goes full bore Code Geass. Sorta derivative, but I like … Continue reading

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Pictures, or It Didn’t Happen

Here you go. It’s my precious, and I want’s it! Those damn, sneaky Russians keep finding ways to part me from my money. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet; I talked to HellishYoda and he said that yes, he was a … Continue reading

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Re: Zero ep. 2

Not going to get deeply into the episode, but the new OP gives away what Natsuki’s power is — which he figures out after he dies and respawns again. And yes, that’s his power; when he dies, it doesn’t stick. … Continue reading

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Hundred (updated)

Guy and girl at a battle academy, after some sort of alien crap lands, spawning monsters and the only stuff that can fight against them. Actually, it’s guy and girls, plural, of course. So far we’ve got a sister with … Continue reading

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Re: Zero

This started with a two-parter as a double episode, which is probably a good thing, as it throws in a fair amount of twists. It starts with a fairly desperate scene, then backs up and acts silly for a while. … Continue reading

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