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And whining too!

Sigh. Guess I Missed that 51st Star….

So I’m looking at GPS systems. And I see one by Garmin…. “Detailed maps of North America -With Lifetime updates – Includes preloaded street maps for the lower 49 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, French Guiana, … Continue reading

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Still Alive

Out of the hospital for about a week now. Had computer problems, fixed now. Haven’t really been up to blogging anyway. Catching up on anime: Gargantia and Railgun primarily. Turns out that the anesthesiologist’s fuck-up was compounded by the original … Continue reading

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Grrrrrrr. Of Fairy Tail and aggravating glitches

So I was going to reply to this comment over at SDB’s: So I just finished the Laxus arc (ep 48), and what I’m beginning to realize is that the battles in this show are kind of like the ones … Continue reading

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MOM Problems

So I got an itch to play Masters of Magic yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not working. A few months ago, with Windows 8 on the way, I finally broke down and installed Win 7. Of the programs I’ve installed, most have … Continue reading

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Yet Another Nail in the Coffin (Update)

So here it is midnight as I type this, and I’ve a mind to jump in the car, drive clear across Houston, and pound on Sentai Filmworks front door. I am seriously cheezed off right now. I did my part, … Continue reading

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Could Something Just NOT Go Wrong For Once?

I mean, seriously, dammit. So I decided that the easiest solution was to just say the hell with Win 7. Between the bad memory causing Hearts of Iron 3 to crash constantly and not being able to see Misaki necessitating … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas to You Too

Well, since it’s not unusual for me to not post around here for four to five days at a time (or longer) I doubt anyone’s been worried about my absence, especially with the holiday season. And there’s no reason for … Continue reading

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