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Pardon the Delay

im having a combination of arthritis and nerve issues. It’s difficult to type. Sorry about the hiatus just as i was getting back into thr swing of things. Also Koupit Cialis Daily , not sure whats wrong with comments

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Yay, Boredom

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I retired at the end of last year. It was earlier than I expected to, but it was time. All I ever wanted was to be respected for my work, but … Continue reading

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A Rough Couple of Months

..the LAST time this happened, ten years ago, the state legislature declined to make any requirements for winterizing the plants mandatory. ERCOT make big balley-hoo over their recommended changes…which weren’t implemented. Continue reading

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Yes, I survived the WuFlu

Like fuck I’m going to call it “Covid-19” to keep the PRC happy. Personally I think we should recognize Taiwan just to piss them off. Do it one day before the election so there’s no time for the media to … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, that …

Yes, I finished Astra. No terrible eye-rollers. Loved the “what happened afterwards”, especially the narration. Ha! All in all Buy Amoxil UK , not the greatest anime ever made, but one of the best I’ve seen in the last few … Continue reading

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Figured something out

So, I’ve been really kind of blah about anime lately. I finally figured out why… After I gave up bittorrenting Buy Lamisil Without Prescription , I’ve only been watching via Crunchyroll. I’m sorry to say, CR sucks. Bluntly, there’s too … Continue reading

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And for a brief second appearance…

WARNING: No food or drink while watching. Your monitor will appreciate it. Continue reading

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