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Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

New season of Tower of God on Crunchy, starting next month!

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Pay Attention!

Seriously, I’ve got to start paying more attention to anime. How could I let news like this sneak up on me? PV1 for new Fate / Stay Night series from Ufotable. PV2 for new Fate / Stay Night series from … Continue reading

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Ten Shows to Watch?

This isn’t exactly timely, but the response I started yesterday to Pixy and Steven’s discussions of “Ten Must See Anime of the Last 10 Years” was saved in progress, and I rather abruptly lost contact with it. So I’m kinda … Continue reading

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Not Much Time

So I’m going to throw out a few thoughts on what I might watch and try to blog next season. This is not a review, which means it’s probably worthless, unless you just like hearing folks think aloud. Or electronically… … Continue reading

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Now this is cute..

An AMV with the characters from Ah! My Goddess — and a bit of a twist. It actually tempts me to pick up the rest of the series… Update: And this is a blast from the past… except it’s not. … Continue reading

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Are You Out of Your Alledged Mind?

So let me get this straight… There’s going to be a total of SIX iterations of the time loop in the Endless Eight arc? The only possible explanation of this is that they were trying to top season one’s mixed-up … Continue reading

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So over at Animé News Network, there was a discussion of the announcement of the new season of Strike Witches. Now, I normally don’t read these threads, simply because there’s nothing of worth to be found there. (There’s nothing of … Continue reading

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