So over at Animé News Network, there was a discussion of the announcement of the new season of Strike Witches. Now, I normally don’t read these threads, simply because there’s nothing of worth to be found there. (There’s nothing of worth to be found here either, but I’m writing, not reading. You’re reading, and if you want to waste your time, it’s not my problem. )

I guess I was bored this morning, since I was hanging out there, reading the ususal stupid comments, made-up rumors (second season of Haruhi coming! No it’s not!), wild speculation, and criticisms of the series from people who obviously never saw it.

This time, though, there was an exchange which wasn’t funny enough to merit all this buildup, but nonetheless tickled me. In between all the comments about how the show was retarded, or mecha-moé is, well, moé, user MusicLover764 posted:

Eww? Why do yall wanna watch little girls in awkward positions with elder gentlemen? Really? Come on……….thats gone a little too far…..

Cue various protests such as “you didn’t watch it, obviously,” and “It wasn’t with old men, it was with each other!” However, the prize for best reply has to go to Xizer, a person of only 2 comments, but much wisdom:

Hi, you must be new here.


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