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Ichika’s STILL a Dumbass … But so’s Houki

So I was threatening to derail a conversation over at Chizumatic into a two-sided discussion of Infinite Stratos, and decided to move my response to Topkiller over here. I’ve only got a few minutes on lunch, so I’ll be brief. … Continue reading

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A Little Topic Drift: Infinite Stratos

I was going to post this in a thread at Chizumatic, but realized it would constitute topic drift, and Steven hates that. But posting it here allows me to wander further afield anyway. To Steven’s remark: I think this is … Continue reading

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Fate Stay/Night, one more time

It’s been a hot, boring summer. I quit playing Rift; just lost interest in it. Got back into Magic: the Money Gathering Pit again. (Well, WOTC gathers it, anyway), but I play no better than I ever did; still just … Continue reading

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Madoka, the Ending.

Yet another post that started as a comment over at Chizumatic. Well, I’m having a bit of “I told you so” smugness about the ending, although I somewhat agree with Avatar’s argument. (Yes, even though I took the opposite position … Continue reading

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Kyubey: Is He Good or Evil?

Ok, I’m not sure this has a point or is just rambling, but I needed to get some thoughts organized on electrons. The “magical mascot” of Kyubey, in Puella Magi Magical Madoka… is he good or evil? I’ve been all … Continue reading

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Puella Magi Madoka, ep. 06

Ok, I’m certain now. Kyubey IS the actual villain. Come on, the use (by a puella magi) of the grief seed is to absorb “impurity” from the Witch magical girl (sorry, I had that backwards and just noticed)… impurity generated … Continue reading

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Deal with the Devil?

In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, episode 2, Mami, Madoka, et. al. go into an abandoned building and fight with a witch, saving a woman who tried to commit suicide due to the witch’s influence. Mami is showing the others what … Continue reading

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