Madoka, the Ending.

Yet another post that started as a comment over at Chizumatic. Well, I’m having a bit of “I told you so” smugness about the ending, although I somewhat agree with Avatar’s argument. (Yes, even though I took the opposite position in the comments here.)

What I think can explain it is below the fold and behind spoiler tags, because they are fundamental to the series:

First, as he noted, Show ▼

Second, Show ▼

There is Show ▼

Two final points. I was left feeling a tiny bit let down by the 12th episode; it didn’t have the emotional wringer of the last 2, nor the tension. After sleeping on it, I realized why. The actually series climax is at one of two points. Arguably at the end of episode 11, Show ▼

Also arguably, in the first few minutes of episode 12, when Madoka Show ▼

I’ve gone back and forth, back and forth, and I can’t make up my mind. The purist in me says episode 12, the emotional side says 11 was the stronger moment. Essentially, 90% of episode 12 was denouement as we saw how the events played out in a slightly cosmic and abstract fashion. One of only two minor flaws in what is essentially an otherwise near-perfect showing.

The other flaw being a minor refrigerator moment in that Kyubey seemed only mildly curious Show ▼

And there’s two or three potential explanations for that.

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  1. Finally, I can respond to this.

    I think the climax of the series is the moment when Madoka made her wish. One thing I note is that the series is paced extremely well: her wish caused so much to change, in so many ways, that they needed a lot of time to show us all the things that happened. And they allowed themselves enough time to do it properly.

    It’s another way in which this series strongly reminds me of Misaki Chronicles. On that series, too, they paced the ending well and allowed themselves enough time to explore the consequences of Misaki’s decision.

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