In Memorium: Lane Domino 1952-2018

I was worrying about the wrong person. My brother passed last night, in his sleep. Like brothers, we fought, we argued, we pulled together, we helped each other. I loved him, he loved me. That’s the way it was, and ever will be.

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I Wonder if Steven Saw Things Like This?

Though he never stated what it was (at least online, and that I’m aware of) Steven Den Beste made note that he was having health problems in his last few years, and that his medicine had side effects that he didn’t care for. But he needed it if he was to have the clarity to blog on anything more important than anime. I don’t have that problem, because there’s no medicine for a slow decline into senility.

I wish I were joking. At least it would only be tasteless. Yesterday I was faced with this evidence, however.

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It Lives! And Some Anime, too!

Well, after most of a year with crap anime, relieved only by Fate/Z.. I mean Steins;Gate 0, we’ve finally hit the jackpot with a surprising slate of the good stuff. It’s good enough to get me to break my silence, anyway. And then I started running into technical difficulties in taking screenshots. So I started this post, and then sat on it for over a month. And now, because I’ve got some dead time at Thanksgorging, I decided to complete it, though not with the originally intended screencaps.

I’ve watched about five different animes, for at least one episode, if not two or three. I’m behind on all of them, which indicates that Conan Exiles is still taking most of my leisure time. Well, the fact that it IS taking most of my leisure time is probably the best indicator… Well, anyway, below the fold are the two of the series that have made the biggest impression so far – whether positive or negative.

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Got a Question

If anyone still reads this blog…

We wants it.

Blue Steel at

Does this include the movie, and is it likely to have English sub-titles, given the Blu-ray region and English cover? And does anyone know if I have to go through anything special to buy from

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Well, fudge

Something’s wrong with WordPress. I’ve twice uploaded full drafts and saved them, only to have them disappear when I went to complete them. Seriously pissing me off.

Update: I was able to retrieve the text of my latest post. It seems to be that I’d initiated an update to the latest version of WP, but it hung after freezing updates — which still allowed posts, but not saved drafts???? And then I stopped, rather than trying again. Whatever, it’s done now. Anyway, look for a post in the next couple of days. Anybody got a hint on a good screenshot saver? I’m using Jing, but it doesn’t mix well with Flash.

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Thanos v. Starlord

Ok, I’m not going to say more than that about their scene, since it’s too early for spoilers. For those who saw it, one question:

Was it:
* A dick move?
* Toxic Masculinity in action?
* A completely understandable reaction?

Note that this question is somewhat tongue in cheek.

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Health Update

So, I’m still off work recovering, not so much from the surgery (which was simple) but from the abuse of my body wreaked by the infection. As my urologist said, “I’m not trying to scare you, but yes, I’m trying to scare you…you were within a day of dying when you went to the ER.” He said I was perhaps, too stoic in the face of pain. I didn’t bother to disabuse him of that notion — there wasn’t that much pain at any point; maybe a “4”. But I’ve been extremely tired since then, worse that anything I’ve had except the worst flus or mono. I have some better spells, but not many, and tire easily even then.

At this point, I’m waiting to hear from the urologist regarding the post-event blood tests; I had to wait a week after the stent was out (which made sure my kidney didn’t seal shut from scarring after the laser busted up the stone, which was 6mm). I’m showing some outward signs of kidney damage, most of which I never associated with kidneys at all, but had suffered for the last year without realizing what it was: the shortness of breath, random itchiness, rashes, and “foaming” urine in the bowl (I thought that was sugar?!). On the good side, I lost about 20 pounds on the hospital diet, and kept most of it off–so far. My blood sugar is under tight control for the first time, too. Ironically, that’s also a possible cause of the tiredness; your body can become accustomed to the higher sugar level and “need” it. It’s still bad for you.

And, just talked to the doctor after that paragraph above. Off work for two more weeks, it’s the after-effects of the infection. A1C is way high, based on pre-hospitalization sugar levels, should be nosediving soon (daily sugar level has run 99-118 since discharge, usually towards the low end). But everything else is great; no overt signs of kidney damage. Yay!

And as a reward for reading my troubles, I’ll post something about anime tomorrow. Probably…. 🙂

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