How to Offend Everybody

I don’t think you’ll see many Texans wearing “We Are Charlie Hebdo” t-shirts in Texas any more.

No more sympathy for these guys. None.

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And Back to Ships…

I’m sure someone was really ticked off in this battle.

Q: What happens when the enemy goes all in on a pincer move?
A: The one destroyer on the enemy team sneaks in and caps.

Notice the 0 damage?

I did not fire a single shot. It was a total ninja job.

And I got first for it. Ha!

And I mean TOTAL ninja job. I was never even spotted the entire game. I started by hooking across from the NW to the center, dropped smoke in F7 to cover the fleet, and then realized I hadn’t seen anything in the center. I deliberately skirted the edge of the cap zone to give the enemy fleet time to over-commit, then waltzed in, dropped smoke in the center and circled behind it. One BB blind-fired and missed–and kept going the other way(!), while another tried to race back under heavy fire and died.

Nice way to finish my night.

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Internet’s Back; We Got Fooled

The reports were false, that bridge is still there. Damn I hate bullshit artists.

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Water is down but we lost Internet and cable. Posting from my iPhone.

I note the telemarketers do not have the day off.

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Bridge Out! (Edited)

Edited: I should have remained skeptical. The Fakebook thread was false, and I also relied on a friend who was likewise fooled by it. The report of the bridge collapse is false.

I’d gotten a report on social media last night, but I didn’t believe it. However, the HC Sherrif’s office confirmed it today; the Woodforest bridge west of Normandy has collapsed. I’ve appended more to the prior message, but I wanted to make an extra post to show this:

Hard right turn? Water can't do that.

From the map and the pictures I posted, you can see that Greens Bayou takes a hard westerly turn, not once, but twice in a short span. The second time is just south of the bridge (I was facing south when taking the pictures). Millions of tons of water can NOT just change course and avoid the neighborhood. It piles up and tries to go over, following the blue arrows into my neighborhood and into the small bayou (which I now know is named Jordan’s Gully). Eventually it rejoins the main channel just East of Normandy, near where I took this picture, back when I could get off my street.

Sorry, it's one of those flippng pictures from the iPhone.

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Still Here, Still Dry (updated)

But it was close.

Remember this bridge? Picture taken 8/27...

(Edit: Report of bridge collapse was FAKE.)

Well, that bridge isn’t there anymore. My brother said he felt it moving when we stopped to take pictures, but I thought he mean vibration from the truck that passed us (also taking pictures). It was a big rig’s cab (only), and it’s normal for bridges to flex a bit under load. I didn’t notice anything, but I’m still having very minor issues with dizziness, so maybe I was too “off” to notice.

In other news, the San Jacinto has overtopped I-10, the Addicks reservoir has overtopped the spillway (NEVER happened before, and it dates to the 1930′s or 40′s, and we have only light rain here. Baytown and Galveston are getting hammered, and it’s moving east.

UPDATE: Here’s a thread on the bridge collapse. It has a google maps pic of it from above; here’s the street view (don’t know when it was taken), and the last photo I took again.

Google View. It's actually up a bit in this picture.

Morning, 8/27. By the evening, water would have been almost overtopping the bridge.

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Evening Walkabout

Pictures mostly taken on my last walk about before dark, about 5pm.

Compare these two, about two hours apart:

Notice the rope? People got tired of the pickup-truck tourists blasting water up to their houses. And cutting through their yards. Fuck’em.

Volunteer rescuers, with no one to rescue… yet. I heard (and still hear) plenty of helicopters working this area.

Slow down, guys...

However… the master of the house is terribly unconcerned.

Harvey? What Harvey?

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