Re: Zero ep. 2

Not going to get deeply into the episode, but the new OP gives away what Natsuki’s power is — which he figures out after he dies and respawns again. And yes, that’s his power; when he dies, it doesn’t stick. He goes back to the same point where he’s standing in front of the fruit vendor. (which isn’t the point he arrived at, btw — I wonder if that’s important?)

So after he dies this time (the muggers killed him), he figures it out, and decides to blow the whole adventure off and figure out how to live a grand life by selling his phone. Only he ends up feeling guilty, since Satella (or whatever her real name is) had helped him — so he tracks Felt down — only to run into the sexy killer I referred to as “Ms. Slaughterhouse.” And the fun begins….

Despite the rather gruesome nature of his power, this is actually a pretty good show, and I’ll be following it.

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Hundred (updated)

Guy and girl at a battle academy, after some sort of alien crap lands, spawning monsters and the only stuff that can fight against them. Actually, it’s guy and girls, plural, of course. So far we’ve got a sister with at least a mildserious bro-con, the sexy boob-a-riffic school prez (she’s not royalty, they just call her the queen), and Emeile, a decidedly feminine room mate guy. Formulaic, by the numbers.

Mild spoiler Show ▼

If you haven’t gotten your fill of harem battle anime, this is not too unpleasant of way to waste your time, but having read several issues of the manga, it’s really not worth it otherwise.

Update: The show this is compared to the most, is of course, Infinite Stratos. However, the guy is not stupidly dense like Ichika, and there’s no Chifuyu-nee. The LN has at least 5 volumes, and by volume 3 at least one of the haremettes is not a fellow Hundred user. Besides the jealous sister, that is.

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Re: Zero

This started with a two-parter as a double episode, which is probably a good thing, as it throws in a fair amount of twists. It starts with a fairly desperate scene, then backs up and acts silly for a while.

Somewhat chunni, somewhat NEET, Natsuki Subaru is on the way back from the convenience store one night, when he’s suddenly sucked into a parallel world. Obviously, this is the work of a cute female sorcerer who has summoned him here to be her hero due to his strong magic ability! So Natsuki reasons, but he soon finds out there are problems with that theory.

First, there’s no cute sorcerer girl around. He’s just in the middle of the street with people looking at him (because he’s acting weird).
Second, he evidences no magical powers whatsoever when he tries.
Third, since all he’s got are some Japanese coins, the fruit vendor he talks to runs him off.
Fourth, no one will give him the time of day, and one guy shoves him into the canal, leading to…
Fifth, while waiting on his clothes to dry in an alley, he gets mugged. He actually gives a good account of himself (he’s not really a NEET, he’s in the kendo club, and works out), but is getting beaten badly when a short blonde girl runs into the alley, and…
Sixth, she has no intention of getting involved, as she’s a thief, running from her victim. Her name, he discovers later, is Felt. For now, she scoots and leaves him to his fate.
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Answer: “No”

Question: “Hasn’t enough money been made off of Fate Stay/Night yet?”

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We Have Met the Enemy, and… he’s a duck?

The April Fool’s joke to end them all… because it’s not a joke. actually did this:

Beware the duck.

Toy ships in a big tub. They call this “Jacuzzi Mode.”

FYI, for reals, I’m up to Tier V American ships now. Should be able to grab my first Tier VI soon. It would go faster if I’d stop being so aggressive and getting myself sunk. My kill ratio is hovering around 0.4 (I sink someone else about 4 times for every 10 I get sunk.)

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Daybreak on Hyperion (LN)

I know, I know, every story I run across is the greatest Light Novel ever. I refuse to say that about this story, because not enough of it has been written yet! More! MORE!

Why? Well, to start with, it’s not really a “Light Novel.” It’s an English Language original, and it’s written in the Western style. There’s no guessing who said something because the quote is before the mood text. Setting descriptions are complete, without being verbose. And the character descriptions aren’t simple tropes or tags, like “yandere” or the like. Hyperion is now in its third volume, and at a cliffhanger, not of danger, heroics, and derring-do, but of characterization and personal relationships. Something is going to happen. Just what is anyone’s guess.

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Konosuba (update)

(Update: at the end of the last episode, a second season was announced.)

The Farce is strong with this one.

Kazuma, a gamer NEET (well, not quite, he goes to high school) boy goes out to buy a new game and figure; sees a girl about to get run over by a truck, and leaps to push her out of the way. Ends up dead, and he’s awarded (by a cute goddess) the chance to be reborn in another world as an adventurer, to fight the Devil King. “So, at least I saved the girl, and that was worth it.”

“Not exactly…” says the goddess. “The tractor would have stopped in time to miss her.”


“Farm tractor. Not truck. But you were convinced it was a truck so you ended up dying from shock.”

“It gave me a heart attack???”

“Well, no. But the shock caused you to pee your pants in fear. So the girl and farmer laughed at you.”


“So then an ambulance was called. And the paramedics laughed at you.”

“I died from embarrassment?”

“Well, that didn’t kill you.”


“Your parents arrived at the emergency room and burst out laughing. That gave you a heart attack and killed you!”


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