There will be no evening scout report

I live on a cul-de-sac. Here’s the end of it.

That is WORSE than it was in Allison.

During the height of Allison’s flooding, I could walk down to the end of the street and see a foot-wide, three-inch deep stream of water that had meandered through the neighborhood to flow into the storm drain that took it into that little bayou. From there, I could walk to the Kroger’s, and see their single line of sandbags keeping the water from their flooded parking lot out of the building.

Don’t think I’m doing that this time.

On the bright side, I estimate it will take another two to three feet before we’re in danger of flooding, and the upper Greens Bayou is slowly dropping.

On the dark side, it’s still raining.

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Morning Scout


A couple of trucks made it through. I'm not in a truck.

This was the unnamed bayou on Uvalde, near the fire station.

The good news is that we should be on the “dry side” of Harvey before long. The bad news is it started raining while we were out. Hard. All over the city.

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No Way Out

That’s not quite true; I can probably reach I-10, but with 340+ major highway closures (which doesn’t count other streets; assume thousands), I’m not going anywhere. I couldn’t even reach Greens Bayou on the morning scout. I’ll have what pictures I could get, shortly. Times like this, I wish I had a drone….

Edit: forgot to mention, Barker and Addicks floodgates are open, and Lake Conroe’s gates have been opened also.

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Out of Service? (Updated)

We’re losing parts of the Flood Warning System. Not a lot, but I’ve never seen “OOS” tags before. Also, reaching their server seems to be a bit… spotty, and the local Greens Bayou gauge hasn’t reported a stream level in over 90 minutes (but still reports rain).

Raining, thunder (which I haven’t heard in a while), and the power blinked. But we might be about to get some clear sky for a few hours.

Bigger picture:

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Splish, Splash, I was Taking a Bath (updated)

Round 'herebouts, we measure rainfall in feet, boyah!

These gaps are saving our asses by giving some of the floodwaters time to run off.

Sensor problems? Oh, and it's raining again.

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Back to the Future Past

I dug up my nearly 15-year old Sony 2 megapixel camera. Screw Microsucks and mePhone.

The unnamed bayou again. This is backing up from Greens Bayou

More below the fold.
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A Little Scouting

Apologies in advance for the terrible quality of these photos. They were taken on an iPhone 6, from inside my car, and often by my brother, on the move. It wasn’t safe to get out or even stop much of the time; there’s a surprising amount of people trying to get from point A to point B today. Or parked at C because that can’t get to A or B.

EDIT: Ok, I hate the iPhone and Microsoft. I’m rotating every photo BEFORE I upload it–which WordPress then compresses it to the small size you see in the post. Most are cropped too. That works fine. Despite that, when you click for the full-size version to be downloaded to your computer, it returns to the sideways format –which I already rotated, dammit! From some experimenting, it seems the real problem is not on my website; it’s that the photos are encoded on some level to tell YOUR system the proper, original orientation. And no, I don’t know how to fix that, or tell you to turn that feature off.

About two blocks from my house, a small tributary of Greens Bayou. I'ts about a foot from reaching the road, and I figure it will.

About a mile away, bridge over Greens Bayou. Notice the cars on both sides.

A little more on that picture. It’s the location of Gage 1610 from the Harris County Flood Control district. Below is the stream elevation data — this is now the third worst recorded level ever; exceeded only by the two tropical storms Allison (yes, there was an earlier one in 1989, and it sucked too).

Four more days of this?

Further upstream, Greens Bayou at Woodforest, facing south.

This is an unnamed bayou on Uvalde, just north of the fire station.

Uvalde at I-10, facing west

Unfortunately, I couldn’t safely get a good photo of all the trucks stuck on I-10; the feeder road is literally a parking lot. (What you see here is duplicated on the east side, though not on the eastbound feeder road.) They’re trapped by I-10 and Beltway 8 interchange being underwater on one side, and Greens Bayou covering I-10 on the other. The Home Depot is quite busy, although Ace Hardware was still closed. Academy at Market and I-10 was closed, which isn’t surprising as Greens Bayou is only a few feet from its backside.

All in all, not particularly spectacular, but the real reason is that I can’t GET anywhere the spectacular flooding is, well, the spectacular flooding. And I don’t want to waste the gas to try, given that we’ve got maybe five more days of this coming.

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