HxH Again

Well, I read through the end of the 7th LN. The whipsawing between pathos on one hand, and pandering sex on the other… continued unabated. Things on the prurient side:

1. Multiple threesomes.
2. Yuri – lots.
3. At least two orgies.
4. Saving two worlds through the second orgy. Which, by the way, was televised, world-wide. Uncensored.
5. A sex scene involving a 13-year old and a realistic dildo. With penetration.
6. Sister-sister incest, and bro-con incest. At least Reiri was terribly embarassed and tried to conceal it.

Continuing with the pathos (and angst)

7. The American team shows up, and the leader hates Yurisha, her former leader.
8. One battle involves 15 students killed (unnamed mooks).
9. At least two named antagonists are killed.
10. Chidorigafuchi Aine’s memory comes back slowly. About that…. Show ▼

Ok, lets face it. I was disappointed when #6 finally showed up, but #5 was too damn far. I don’t see how they’re going to get that even on AT-X, and frankly, I don’t want them to.


I read the first half of the 8th LN. Referencing GreyDuck’s comment below, “And then the streams crossed the final frontier!” Seriously, I should have quit while I was ahead. Show ▼

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Hybrid X Heart

Wow, surprised me to see how long it’s been since I posted. So, this season’s panderfest, Magias Academy HxH. I was writing a post about it that just kept getting longer and longer, trying to explain the balance of pandering vs. plot, and it just aggravated me until I developed multiple personalities that had an argument in a Q&A format. It went something like this:

Q: “So, does this show have anything besides pandering? Comedy? Drama? Plot? Story?”
A: “Well yeah, it’s got comedy…”

Q: “Based on the pandering, right?”
A: “…mostly.”

Q: “Drama? Pathos?”
A: “Definitely pathos. Major parental issues, abandonment, emotional abuse…”

Q: “Enough to carry the story if there was no fanservice or pandering? If the girls were all plain? Or ugly?”
A: “Ummm… no. I think we’d say it was kinda thin and undeveloped. And maybe not realistic?”

Q: “So it’s really just pandering with a veneer of plot and pathos so it can say, ‘Hey, it isn’t just pandering!’, right?”
A: “Yeah, I think that’s about it.”

Q: “So what do we do that that post we wrote?”
A: “I didn’t write that crap, you did!”
Q: “Did not! That was your fault!”
A: “Did to!”

At which point I served an eviction notice to the voices in my head (they were just renting anyway), and decided to post the rest of the article as is. Enjoy. Oh, and if you inflict this on yourself, download the ATX uncensored version. Crunchy isn’t worth it, thanks to the censoring.

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Next day after the next day after. I still feel like crap, but am at work. (on break!)

Spent some time playing WoWs yesterday; had some decent games, but also had a “derp?” encounter. Was tooling along in my Bogue (Tier 5 carrier), hunting down the red team’s Langley. It took time, because I didn’t see any enemy planes. Finally found him in the far corner, and thought at first he must be AFK, but no, he was moving. I have the air defense version of the Bogue, with two fighter squadrons and a dive bomber; he was a typical Langley with one each and a torp bomber squadron. I parked my fighters nearby and started bringing up my bombers; we spent the next couple of minutes playing cat-and-mouse between our fighter squadrons. With a 2-1 superiority, his timidity didn’t surprise me much, at that point, but his earlier absence from the battle was still odd. Finally he sent the bombers out just as mine arrived, and he mis-timed their movements, giving me a clear shot at both his bombers and carrier.

I wiped his bombers and started chasing his fighters, only to be accosted by an aggrieved complaint in chat.

“Stop camping my planes!”


. .

. . .





Say what?

I’m just sort of imagining the captain of the Yamato telling the American dive bombers, “Red Team, you suxxor! Fight with ships, you gimps, and get off teh respawn!”

Even his own team had to call BS on that one… “Dude, that’s his job!” and sadly, since they were better than my team, his teammates found me shortly thereafter and I had no allies left to keep them from sinking me before I could finish him. I did bag one of the attacking DD’s, though.

You know, I recorded that game. I need to figure out how to convert the file and make a “funtage” out of it…

“Stop camping my planes!”

/shakes head

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What’s Up Doc?

So it’s been a while, and I thought I’d catch up while I’m at home today. Had a dental appointment yesterday afternoon, and even though it was just cleaning and a filling, I don’t do well in the chair. It’s a very, very tense thing for me. I don’t have problems with the drill (mostly), it’s the needles, the poking at soft spots (my teeth are in poor condition), etc. When I was younger, it would take an extraction to slow me down. Nowadays, any visit stresses me to the point that I’m down for a day or so. I think I’m getting old… Typing this paragraph wore me out. I was going to summarize the anime I’ve been watching, but I’m feeling much less ambitious, already.

So, something less difficult.
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Big Order

Short version: kinda confusing first few minutes, weird vibes for the next few, then angsty for a bit, followed by violent. And then the last two minutes hits, and it goes full bore Code Geass.

Sorta derivative, but I like it. Well, ok, not “sort of”; there’s even a sick (dying) little sister. Oh, and CC has pink hair in this one.

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Pictures, or It Didn’t Happen

Here you go.

It’s my precious, and I want’s it! Those damn, sneaky Russians keep finding ways to part me from my money. Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet; I talked to HellishYoda and he said that yes, he was a supertester, and no, he couldn’t talk about it. Drat.

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Re: Zero ep. 2

Not going to get deeply into the episode, but the new OP gives away what Natsuki’s power is — which he figures out after he dies and respawns again. And yes, that’s his power; when he dies, it doesn’t stick. He goes back to the same point where he’s standing in front of the fruit vendor. (which isn’t the point he arrived at, btw — I wonder if that’s important?)

So after he dies this time (the muggers killed him), he figures it out, and decides to blow the whole adventure off and figure out how to live a grand life by selling his phone. Only he ends up feeling guilty, since Satella (or whatever her real name is) had helped him — so he tracks Felt down — only to run into the sexy killer I referred to as “Ms. Slaughterhouse.” And the fun begins….

Despite the rather gruesome nature of his power, this is actually a pretty good show, and I’ll be following it.

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