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Princess Resurrection OVA

So it seems an actual OVA was produced for this series recently. I downloaded it and gave it a watch, but I can’t say as I recommend it. The first thing that hit me was that the art was terrible. … Continue reading

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Railgun OVA

Hm, the music has been on the torrents since last week, but no sign of the actual OVA. When was it supposed to be out again? Note that the new OP Future Gazer by fripSide, while it isn’t up to … Continue reading

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Princess Lover OVA

So I checked the revived TokyoTosho, and sure enough, there were several subtitled versions of the Princess Lover’ OVA out. For those of you who missed the notice, it’s part one (of two) of a hentai adaptation of the hentai … Continue reading

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Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

As I said a while ago, I got confused about what happened to Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, so I have spent the last two days downloading and catching up with it. Part of the reason I assumed it was an … Continue reading

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Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari

Yay, Tenchi spin-off. As expected, the only thing it’s got in common is the main character’s design and name. Oh, and a harem that comes into being for even LESS reason than Tenchi’s. Of course, all the girls, queen included … Continue reading

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Ah My Goddess, the Movie

Well, as I said, for a while there, I got utterly fascinated by Ah! My Goddess, and ordered the full first season, plus the movie. I also downloaded the 20th anniversary OAV’s, which are often referred to as the third … Continue reading

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Star Trek Seriously Rocks

You need not read the rest of this review. Just get the hell out of the chair, and go see it. There’s no spoilers here anyway, so you won’t learn anything. Still there? Ok, maybe you got time to kill … Continue reading

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