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Update on the Season (and me)

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to watch anime this season, for reasons I’ll go into later. Not that I’ve taken major advantage of it; this season is definitely sub par. Does it still reek? I’d have to say … Continue reading

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Railgun OVA

Hm, the music has been on the torrents since last week, but no sign of the actual OVA. When was it supposed to be out again? Note that the new OP Future Gazer by fripSide, while it isn’t up to … Continue reading

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Index, not Railgun

Like some others, I was disappointed that the new series will be a sequel to the Index series, not Railgun. The reason seems to be, that aside from the Sisters Arc (which we’ve already seen from one side) the source … Continue reading

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To Aru no Police

Edit: fixed the title. Steven has finally continued watching To Aru no Railgun, which has provided the impetus for me to put some thoughts of mine into words. Below the fold…

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Railgun Sneakiness?

I watched the Railgun omake last night, which is kind of funny, especially when Mikoto starts acting out of character. They reused a lot of shots from the show, but changed up the dialog. Dr. Heinous writes that he noticed … Continue reading

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Random Notes at a Ridiculous Hour

Since it’s a bit late to do anything like a serious post, I’m just going to throw some odd thoughts up here. Disappointed in Railgun lately. Indeed, it’s lost in fillers. The first two weren’t bad; at least they involved … Continue reading

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Sorry, but I had to…

write a fifth post about railgun, just to include this link. Bottom of second and middle of the third pages FTW.

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