Railgun Sneakiness?

I watched the Railgun omake last night, which is kind of funny, especially when Mikoto starts acting out of character. They reused a lot of shots from the show, but changed up the dialog.

Dr. Heinous writes that he noticed something while watching the last few filler episodes:

…I don’t think they were ALL filler. Odd that there was a tiny tremor of an earthquake that sent the Anti-Skill girl to hiding under a bench. Then at the orphan school there was a significantly stronger (though still minor) quake…

Hm. He may have a point. Color me Elvis — I’m all shook up. Something you just don’t see in anime set in Japan is an earthquake (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 being the exception that proves the rule.)

That’s still no excuse for a crappy set of fillers, which the last two were. At least the first two were tolerable, but I’m disappointed that they don’t appear to be heading into the Sisters arc. I could forgive that if they do it as a movie, though. It would be a good move, I think.

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