FMP: Nick of Time Excerpt

Below the fold is a key passage where Leonard explains the oddity that is Kaname, and may inadverdantly drop a clue about Souské as well. Huge spoilers!!! Also, very Engrishy. It’s quite a long segment, with a lot of talking. I’ve bolded certain key passages. For the curious, the last installment is here, and you have to scroll back to find the rest. It’s very difficult reading because of the blog ordering.

(Situation: Leonard and Souské are trapped in an underground chamber with a mix of explosive gas. They’ve made a truce and are removing rubble to escape)

Returning to manual labor, Leonard continued the topic.
“It is true that she was on the helicopter that crashed. I didn’t rescue her, the helicopter exploded and burned. Even then she is alive, I am confident about it. That’s a point.”
“What are you talking about?”
Sousuke really does not know the meaning in Leonard’s words. For example if Kaname being in the helicopter was true, why does he have that confidence? Additionally, why purposely say so?
“I’ve also tested it before. Just before your struggle in Hong Kong. She was targeted by an Assassin ordered by Gauron, and was attacked in the business district of Tokyo. Under the rain. I was in there hiding, did nothing and only watched.”
“Think generally. An assassin that was a protégé of Gauron, and a high school girl with good reflex. No matter how you think it would be her end. But she was saved.”
“She has good luck”
“That’s right, she has good luck—-abnormally”

There was a hidden enigma in Leonard’s words.
“During the attack, that assassin used his first gun. The first shot missed, and emptied the cartridge. In such opportunity she managed to run away.”
It was the first time that he heard of this. Even from Kaname, he didn’t hear the details about it. Aside from the small AS called , and the meeting with Leonard and 2 to 3 conversations, he knew nothing more.
“It was not rare that the automatic pistol to malfunction”
“That’s right. But if you were going to kill someone with a gun, before that what do you do?”
Confirming the function of the gun, and inspect that there is nothing wrong with the bullets. Blundering at the start, no matter what kind of target it is it would be difficult if the target were to be absorbed to the killing rhythm. That is why you have to make certain from the start, to be very careful in preparing to send the target to the other world.
That assassin is also the same.
Aside from the coincidence that the bullet missed, the gun also broke down.
“She has good luck, that girl. It’s a little unbelievable right”
“Is that why she is alive from the helicopter crash? Something is wrong”
“Is that so? You also have some knowledge of it. how many times she had barely escape danger in a nick of time. I think that the way she lives is strange.”
With his nose indicating a smile, Sousuke couldn’t do it. That’s correct. When he met her, she was involved with countless dangers. Among them, even some aspects that would send chills to Sousuke who had experienced the scene of carnage.
Was that also luck? No, that shouldn’t be.
“She never gives up and continues to move. Judging what she can do in her circumstance, according to her will and beliefs. The meaning in that, is that she is similar to an ordinary veteran soldier”
Of course Sousuke could not deny what’s called “luck”. He himself was also alive because of luck. Being a soldier himself with enough abilities, he could also be killed with a single stray bullet. But luck was a persistent element attached to it. There is a saying [Man prosper, God disposes], luck surely must be [god’s will]. Being bothered by luck, only then would action follow.
If you remove the ability of a Whispered, Kaname Chidori is by no means a non-rare human. More than an ordinary human, she is a little more stronger. Actually this is a difficult matter, but this it not a rare disposition.
“I recognize her great will and activity. But, Will you think about this? She would happen to have this kind of ability herself, her luck”
“It’s just a bending theory”
Then the people who had filled their life expectancy, all of it would have to be luck. A required environment to live the full life, would mean having the required ability. There are already a hundred million people among the world.

“Well, that might be. This is matter is just going around circles. Also for not being dead, it was not luck but inevitability”
“She is the convergence point of cause and effect. You can say that the world is strange because she is here, or you can say that she is here because the world is strange. From now she will be—- probably, even without any arrangement from me, she would be meeting with the dead of this [relic]. There she would unite with the power to put a full stop on history. Becoming the [KANAME (Key Stone)] that would create a world without a past, future and present.”
“I don’t understand. what are you saying?”
“About the [Omni Sphere] and the [Whispered]. The chaos of the world will start from this ground.”

“Stopping History. What’s that”
Sousuke asked, Leonard muttered something in the middle of the deep darkness. [Machenshaft Als Herrschaft Des~]. He did not hear the last part. It’s most likely German, the meaning he doesn’t understand.
“I wonder if that’s Heidegger. [A construction that controls the creation and the created]. Or possibly Self Cause (Causa Sui). It’s only by association. The connection between cause and effect, is to go because of going. Well, it’s about philosophy. Anyway setting free the principle of causality, we have lived thus far in this different world. If Fate and Destiny are indeed become free—- what would man wish for at that time? I am progressing for that preparation.”
Principle of causality? Fate?
Sousuke doesn’t entirely understand the meaning of this.
“You heard about the Omni Sphere from my sister right?”
“A little”
“Even TAROS?”
“Once. A device that accesses the Omni Sphere, and the ability to operate the Lambda Driver.”
“The Lambda Driver was just an extra. It was for convenience”
“It seems so”
“In this ruins is where the worlds first TAROS was created, and a berserk incident occurred. As a result, children who were to arrive on the same time became the [Whispered]. ….the real importance the Omni Sphere holds, was the transmission of a variety of electromagnetic wave from that area, not being restricted from time and space. A whispered, are persons capable of transmitting information from the past or future. With its effect, made this world different from the [original world]. Another history, another time axis, another world. Originally AS should not exist, even shouldn’t. also would be a different organization”

“That’s absurd. Such a thing—-”
“It’s up to you to believe it or not. But this is the truth—- how do you think you should treat this world?”
“I don’t have to treat anything. I should just leave it alone”
Wherever the world may be, for Sousuke such things have no interest to him.
History changed? Then what about it. Even if it were the truth, the truth surrounding him will not change.
There are enemies, there are allies.
There are battle tactics, there are mission objectives.
Actions that should be done, looking at information that needs to be known, something that should be heard.
“Would it be alright continuing like this?”
Leonard laughed.
“Of course not. Those that should exist are gone, those that doesn’t exist are here. People who should have lived are dead, those who should have died are still alive. This world has gone mad. We have to correct it. A man who has the power to do so”
“The one who’s mad is you. I don’t know what kind of methods you have to reform the world but—-”
“It’s not world reformation”
His fed up scornful voice echoing in the darkness.
“It’s not worthless politics. Inclining the Earth’s axis, think about the occurrences of natural disasters. If there is a way to return things, it would be ordinary to think about returning it right? Returning the world to what it was originally. What is mad about that?”

“I’m not a great genius like you. Even if you say the world is mad, no feelings would grow. I really don’t understand, but what you say about [returning the world], would be to deny the environment that we have lived in right? Even for enemies and allies. That is what I do not like.”
“Then listen to this, do you have comrade in arms that have died? Relatives or friends, surrounding comrades that you have lost?”
“Of course”
The comrade in arms in Afghanistan. And the mercenaries he met after. There are many of them. Those who were with him in the operation of . Matt Shade of the intelligence department. Urzu 1 Gale Mcallen. PRT’s Rian Shaopin. Gebo 9’s pilot Eva Santos and her crew. Colleagues who died in the battle at Melidia island that he heard of—- Castello. Speck. Several officers of the West Pacific Fleet.
And then—- Nami.
No matter how many of them there are, there at least a few people who died because he doesn’t have enough strength. Especially Nami of Namsak, just the fleeting memory of her name sends pain down his heart. Nami. Sorry. If I were only a second faster in saving you—-
“You have right. You have many deaths. Don’t you regret them?”
“….I have no obligation to answer”
“No, you regret them. But, [originally], majority of them should still be alive. The [Black Technology] that the Whispered brought about changed warfare, surely the fate of those surrounding people were obviously affected. The lives that they should have, are you going to deny them this. Saying coldly [leave them alone] and abandoning them. Who would be the one who’s mad?”
“I’m not abandoning them….!”
Understanding the expectations of his opponent, even so Sousuke raised his voice.
“Can you say that to them? [It was unfortunate that you died, give up. There is a way to save you, but I don’t want to try it]?”
“What you’re saying is nonsense. You can’t save those who have died. Time axis of the past of the future, they won’t be resurrected by such theories.”
“Hmm. You don’t seem to be saying that with a rock head. Why do you think so?”

“Because I’m a killer”
Sousuke gazing at Leonard said this.
“Before, it is as you said before Chidori. I killed more than 100 people. I don’t know the accurate number. And there is no need to know. There were a number of people riding in the truck which I blew up in the gorge of Afghanistan, but I did not count. Generally speaking, I stole the lives of countless of men. That is why I understand. I feel I know it.”
“Hmm. In other words?”
“Human’s death are absolute. They won’t come back again. If you can somehow bring them back as a puppet, then they would be another person.”
“Why is it? If the body, mind and environment are the same, then they would be the same person right”
“Your mistaken. Death itself is a part of humans. A personality until the last moment. That is why is seriously fighting with full devotion. This is the only unchanging absolute rule. Even for that Gauron, abide by this. That person is the garbage of humans, but simultaneously know the fleeting moment of life. The difference between him and me, are what is being enjoyed and what is not being enjoyed.”
“Very interesting view”
Leonard said laboriously taking up the concrete lump.
“Gaurun huh. This talk—- about made time and destiny, he also mentioned this. He didn’t doubt. But he didn’t concern himself. He said something similar to yours. Even though you were fated enemies, having the same opinion. Isn’t it cynicism”
“It’s not cynicism or what. It was a warriors unwritten law.”
“Gauron is a warrior?”
“At least. But you’re different.”
He has no intention of disdain. Sousuke only spoke what he felt. [You’re different]. But his words stimulated something inside of Leonard.
“I see. Then—- you have to hear this, would Kaname dying be the same thing?”
Sousuke did not say anything. He didn’t understand it himself.
“You don’t know right”
In Leonard’s voice, there was no pride resounding in it.
“If I were in your standpoint, well, I couldn’t accept that. A rule or an unwritten law, because this is a world that has no need of such procedure. Aren’t you people perceiving things in simplicity? Good or evil, Likes and dislikes, Enemies and friends—- you don’t believe in dualism right”
“What are you trying to say”
“I don’t know. Unexpectedly, I think there might be no need for us to fight.”
An unexpected words.
No need to fight—- Why did he say such words? You appeared to us as enemies from the start. Standing as an obstruction to our mission, many friend died, and then taking Kaname away. There was no thought of reconciliation.
“I understand. It’s not that I’m talking about peace. No matter how I say it, the answer would be NO right? If these were known long ago conciliation work would not be”
“Of course”
“You’re stubbornness, are no different from the fundamentalism of terrorist. However Mr. Kalinin was wrong. He was hesitant at first.”
“….the Lt. Commander?”
“The first time I made contact with his was last Christmas. Even after listening to the current mad world, he did not immediately believe. However, he seemed think long and hard. During the great assault last January.”
“You’re nonsense would not make him double cross.”
“I’ll reveal some proof to you. Using an ordinarily unforeseeable natural phenomenon, gave a great blow, so to say”
“Natural phenomenon?”
“The Solar Wind. With the influence of a large scale solar activity, it is know that most communications would be down. I foresaw it using TAROS. It is impossible to predict the surface climate and society, but it was not difficult to predict solar activity. The activity of humans living in a small planet, there is nothing that could affect the sun. knowing the exact second. I used that. If not, would not be able to strike a great blow to in such a short time.”
During the aforementioned great offensive, he heard that Kalinin’s state was strange.
That was because of Leonard’s prediction. Using the absolutely unpredictable solar activity devised an attack. There is no more [proof] than this. TAROS and Omni Sphere, history’s accident that made a communication method to cross time. All of it are true.
“Then he agreed. With a means to correct the mistake, I have that power. The allies that he followed, is accurately no
, but me”
For Andrei Kalinin, isn’t he the personification of that [Warrior’s unwritten law]. Beside the possibility of [correcting the mad world], it’s unthinkable that he would ride along that plan. For him to accept failure, defeat and every kind of blow, on top of these he would construct the [next mission].
If not. If he were not so, us who have been fighting under him, for what purpose were we fighting for exhausting all power.
“Andrei Kalinin is a realistic man. I also understand if you do not accept this. That is why no explanation was made.”
“The Captain—- Tessa knew this”
“She should know. On top of that she did not explain anything, and obstructs my objective. Why is that? Do you know?”
“There are people in who approves, as you want to say”
“That is correct. That is why Teletha did not explain everything. Letting bygones be bygones, and thinking of letting history continue. Facing forward is splendid, but it was a reason of self intoxication. There is also the revenge towards . Going against controlling the world. But that girls first motive, was to go against me. Denying me of what I should be doing, thinking of showing her own power.”
“She is not that kind of selfish person”
“I don’t care about her true intentions. But it is as what I’ve said, having pretext of [wrong] principle. In short, a child. Because she’s smarter than ordinary people, all the more she will manage it. There is a theory attached inside of her.”
Extracting the steel pipe buried in the rubbles, there was a sound of the surrounding concrete breaking. There was a hole no larger than an arm, from there blew a cold wind.
Just a little more.
If they remove the surrounding rubble, they could go through the opposite passage.
right now, is radically headed to deterioration.”
Removing the rubble, Leonard surprisingly said that.
“Although no one notices it. What I am going to do—- the plan to fully stop the history of the mad world, needs a considerable calculation and resources. The democratic system is inconvenient. That is why, I’m going to break the lever”
“Break the lever?”
“The introduction of dictatorship. Destroying the equilibrium of the management’s power, spreading distrust and fears. Then a person will appear to execute the brilliant activity, using the carrot and stick in the dark forming alliances using influences. It is simply a troublesome work, but will take form in half a year. Due to the activities of Mr. Kalinin.”

“In other words, you will be the dictator”
“We still haven’t arrived at that stage. Mostly grasping the background of the important leaders, finish off their communications network like a virus. The communications network is not the internet. It’s a little more primitive coded system so nobody noticed. also have made use of this for tens of years quietly increasing it.”
Although he doesn’t have any intention of giving away the coded system, these words of Leonard are already important information. Also easily speaking about the actual circumstance of his own organization.
“Why do you tell me this?”
“I thought it might be a good idea to tell you. You guys are desperately fighting, someday
will decline. No—- that representation is amusing. Before that, this world will be corrected from the mistaken form.”
Coming this far, Sousuke can’t possibly think of what this man is boasting about. If Leonard were mad, the conversation would be over. But in the unfortunate matter, that is not the reality. Kalinin has sided with him,
certain has shown some strange movement, and then the unnatural question about this world—- coincides with what Tessa said.
It’s not a lie, and it is not madness.

Then, what kind of method would that [plan] be executed?
“Chidori being necessary, was it for that plan’s purpose”
“That is exactly it. Right now, a new TAROS is being constructed in another place. This TAROS so far, has a structure that has no problems in scale. It’s power is to interfere with the past, an ordinary Whispered can’t be used as a catalyst. A much more larger power for imprinting, most probably there is only one suitable person. Searching so long for that suitable person, I finally found it. The psychic wave that was emitted from the incident in this —- the first until the last information of the Tau wave, it would be her who will receive its vastness. Sending the technological information from the future to the Whispered, it is not from someone unknown. It is her. She will be from now on, would be that.”
“Her [abnormal luck], is because she was living in a [singular point]. She would be capable of that. Influencing fate. That is why she is not a [Whispered]. Rather what she should be called, Chidori Kaname is a [Whispering]. That’s right, the one who would send the Black Technology to make the world in disorder, would be her”

“She is an honest person”
Sousuke was emphasizing in an irritating tone.
“No matter what kind of theory, she would not have a behaviour of gladly sending killing technology. ….I’m not sure about the context, at any rate she is not kind of person.”
“That is a mystery”
Leonard laugh saying that.

“Being strong that far, why would a righteous girl interfere with the past? The past that she cannot accept, what would that be? Was is something that happened long ago? Or would it be happening to her? And then, why would she be sending the black technology? No, will she send it? Even then, in the first place who was the one who invented the information that she has? Where is it? Is there another [Whispered] from the future? Or there isn’t? If you want to know that then you have to leave it to [chance]. What do you think?”
There was a mixed self derision in his inquiring words, echoing from somewhere desolate. The devil descending in front of your eyes, laughing at the works of god that has surpassed his own understanding—- drifting about in such eeriness.
“What I know….”
His head seems to be funny. Leonard’s words, his tense and context were in disorder.
But he understands one thing, Chidori Kaname—- that innocent girl—- it has nothing to do with he own will, with someone elses reasoning, would become a sacrifice in a grand and arrogant plan, that is only it.
“Ultimately, what would you do yourself? What is your objective in fighting us? Retribution against , or the opposition of world domination, stop with that empty slogan. It possible I want to hear a much simple intention.”
“Take back Chidori, returning to the usual life. That’s all”
“That’s not so”
“No, it’s impossible. Even if I give up, she will be targeted by someone else eventually. Such humans, and ordinary person should be existing in an organization. Even is suspicious. If the generation changes someday longer for her powers would start. it is because its an organization. This is absolutely.”

“But if we were to correct the mad history, she will take a life as an ordinary human. No one would target her. Having a calm life, fall in love, give birth, grow old. What you would wish for. This is the only solution.”
Speaking of the theory thus far, that should be.
In the corner of his confused mind, something is telling him that [what this man is saying is correct]. But leaving out the most important thing. In regards to that solution, why does he have this feeling of rejection?
No, he knows.
If that were to be, he would no longer be in her life. In Leonard’s words—- [fall in love], [give birth], [grow old]—- one by one those words were tightening his heart.
He is not there.
No even be able to protect her from afar.
“Then…. it would be meaningless”

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