Maybe not “I can die happy now…”

But pretty damn cool all the same. Had an email waiting on me this morning… I’ve been officially declared eligible for redshirting by John Ringo.


I’d been working off the list and waiting until I’d worked it down to get back to this email group. So you’re now ‘officially’ on the list (a word doc :-).

Thanks for signing up.


Wish I’d caught up on this back when. I would have commented.

On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 10:26 AM, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Name: xxxxx xxxxxx (Or alternately Ubu Roi — see plays of Alfred Jarry. Do NOT use the two names together, please)

Qualification: Blog post on Claws that Catch anime segment (see comment by Steven Den Beste: “I feel a little unclean”)

Personality: somewhat lazy, passive-aggressive, Authority. (with a decent track record of being right, alternating with enough flubs to annoy The Wrong People.)

Note: Reason for the unusual request is this blog where, as a city employee, I anonymously blog about city government.


(P.S.: yes, I’m *that* xxxxx xxxxxx, the one that triggered Eric Flint’s epic rant four years ago that ended up with you and Tom Kratman challenging him to lay out his political beliefs.)

For those of you wondering what the hell I’m talking about, John Ringo hates making up names or taking them out of phone books, so he uses the names of friends, enemies, con-goers, and volunteers. You’re not guaranteed to be a hero, or even very notable, though the more he likes you the more likely you are to be prominent. Probably the most famous of the redshirts is Joseph Buckley, who has been killed many many times by John Ringo, David Weber, and Eric Flint in return for his services at

It will be interesting to see how I end up. What horrible fate awaits me? I expect it will be some incredibly stupid death, caused by my own ineptitude, like drowning in a vat of chocolate.

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