I very, very much hope that Shaft continues to animate the Negima OVA’s. Or someone does…as long as they get to issue 280. (Start here, as the party breaks up and everyone runs for their life, for the full effect.) The girls have been coming back to front-and-center for the last few chapters, and today was Nodoka’s turn. She’s always been one of my two favorites (along with Asuna, of course), but now….

Holy crap, Batman, she laid the smack down on the baddest opponent in all of Cosmo Entelechia. I always knew that artifact of hers made her potentially damn dangerous, but her biggest drawback was her weakness in combat. Well …. she addressed that little issue — and I should have seen it coming.

It irks me, that twice this manga has gotten an anime, and both times they had to tell a different story because this one wasn’t far enough along.

Update 3/3: And 281 is out; it’s several other girls’ time. “Number 8 on my list of things I’ve always wanted to say… FIRE MAIN CANNON!!!!

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