Done Deal

Going back to this post, I can finally say that I’ve been redshirted. I didn’t make the announcement when it actually happened, because I still maintain anonymity (though Houblog has been defunct for a while now). So yes, somewhere, in a John Ringo book I’m not going to name, is my real world name, which I’m not going to tell you. So why should you care? No reason at all… 🙂

Edit: They’re called “Ringo’s Redshirts” for the alliteration. And what Ringo has to say about the “official” SF&F fan group, is best left unsaid. In polite company, that is.

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5 Responses to Done Deal

  1. Mauser says:

    Technically, the term is “Tuckerized” when it comes to SF and Fantasy novels, after an author named Tucker who was infamous for putting the names of people he knew into his books.

  2. Ah, but did they die? This is more extreme: the cameo characters all get killed!

  3. Mauser says:

    It varies, a friend of mine in Canada had a whole empire named after him.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    Well, I didn’t die either. I was a very minor character, who most notably, saved a seat. And that’s your only clue. 🙂

    Don’t place guesses here, but I’ll confirm any regular reader who emails me with a correct guess. (gmail address, with a 1 after my full name– or first initial last name if you use the guess.)

  5. I already know! (Nyaa nyaa nyaa!)

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