Get with it already….

Ok, the raws are beginning to hit the webs. For all that I ranted at it, the girls in Kampfer are cute. But still…. Hopefully, there will be some subbed anime to watch this weekend. I can’t even find anything on BakaBT I want to download…

Speaking of Baka BT, On the bright side, that means I keep gaining ratio, at the abysmal rate of about 0.05% per day. My upload limit is about 1.4 GB daily, so I’m starting to watch the totals up and downloaded more than the ratio. There’s only 2.2 GB difference right now, so I have to limit my download to smaller than that, or I go below 1 again.

Gee, there go my plans to download the entire 1984 Transformers series.

By the end of the weekend, I should be able to dl Macademi Wasshoi, though I hope to be busy with new releases.

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