Negima 265

Fecal matter, meet rotary air impeller.

Anything else would be too spoileriffic… Ok, I was partly right. Or at least Evangeline and the Colonel think the senate wanted to kill Negi because he was the son of the last queen, not because he was the son of the Thousand Master. So the attack on his village six years ago was to kill him. Something tells me after this, Ala Alba is going to declare war on the Megalosembrian senate?

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  1. Regarding Chao: [spoiler]Think Negi and Ala Alba are stronger and have better morale than they would have had without Chao’s interference? I do.

    Makes me wonder what Chao was really trying to accomplish. For instance, I wonder if Negi in her timeline lost the battle that’s coming up. Maybe, at the end, she changed her plan and decided to bet on Negi winning.[/spoiler]

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    That’s an interesting point. Reverse Xanatos: I Never Intended to Win Anyway. The whole school festival arc was really to challenge Negi and make him step up his abilities, plus ensure that he had a group of partners that had been tested by adversity and triumphed. Otherwise they might have completely collapsed when Fate force-ported them across the world. Making him more aware of Mars was also a bonus.

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