The Record of Hekiyou Academy’s Student Council Activities

I’ve been checking out first episodes this weekend, even of series I’ve said I wouldn’t follow. Yes, this is the one that has the “yearned for harem.”

It also has two hilarious minutes of opening dialog It’s an extended series of anime in-jokes, but they’re not obscure, and they bitingly funny.

On whiteboard: “Understanding differences between media”

Student council prez, aka “Little Red”: You guys need to understand different forms of media!
Guy, aka Sugisaki: Huh?
Manga girl, aka Minatsu: Are we really getting an anime? After all, it’s ‘Seitokai no Ichizon’
Studious girl, aka Chizaru: Some people thin a drama CD would be enough.
Laptop girl, aka Mafuyu: Amazon’s review says: ‘All the volumes are the same. It’s like there’s no plot.’
Prez: No masochistic jokes! Anyways this is the first step toward the Hekiyou Schools Student Council’s world domination. Having more pocket change won’t be a dream any more if we can pull off a successful mixture of different types of media!
Everyone: Pocket change?

Then it starts mercilessly skewering… itself, and quite a bit else. Dragonball and Kyoto Animation were favored targets, though the there were a number of self-referential jokes.

Manga girl: We need to be more anime-like if we want to be made into an anime
Laptop girl: But that’ll clash with the original work–
Prez: Challenge! An anime that takes place in a single room goes only in the Sunday evening slot!
Manga girl: Yeah! Yeah! Only action films can go on the big screen! That’s right! Collect seven of that something and any wish will come true!

Well, I”m not going to type the whole thing out, but it was actually quite funny, and the episode wasn’t half-bad either. It’s not just the preview; the occasional genre savvy and “know-it’s-a-show” jokes occur during the episode too. At one point, Mafuyu, is updating the wiki walkthrough for the game based on the novels! On another occasion, Sugisaki objects that the girls aren’t reacting the same as in the novel, and the prez refers back to the scene at the beginning.

(Rest of my comments got chopped off during posting and I didn’t notice until too late to recover them. Below is a summary.)

I don’t think there’s enough plot here for a series, but then, there wasn’t for Lucky Star either. The show will be made or broken by the guy in the middle. I don’t think it’s going to make it but the seiyuu all sound like they are having fun. I might try another episode just to see if this one is a fluke, but it looks like we’re going to get “intro eps” for each of the girls next.

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