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Answer: “No”

Question: “Hasn’t enough money been made off of Fate Stay/Night yet?”

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Well, I didn’t see that Asterisk War got a second cour Koupit Lasix v Praze , excuse me, season. Now which redhead, fire-powered girl was that one? The spirit contractor? I forget…

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Yet Another One Bites the Dust?

Just spotted over at Crunchy: Manglobe going under? Well they haven’t had any standout hits lately , but I hadn’t thought they were doing that bad. On the other hand, they have no series listed for this season…

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So, I’m Guessing…

That Crunchyroll isn’t going to have the second season of RWBY? It’s not due until the 24th, so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Looks good though…

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Pay Attention!

Seriously, I’ve got to start paying more attention to anime. How could I let news like this sneak up on me? PV1 for new Fate / Stay Night series from Ufotable. PV2 for new Fate / Stay Night series from … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos 2

So, among other things I missed last month, there will be a second season of Infinite Stratos sometime soon. Air date hasn’t been announced, but most of the original cast and staff are returning, and 8-Bit is doing the animation … Continue reading

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That’s Enough of That!

We’ve all seen it before. The tired, overused, please-God-not-another-cliche-story. It uses the same old trope as the last 400 anime and mangas, and there’s only 30 or 40 of them this season alone. Or it seems like you can’t swing … Continue reading

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