Infinite Stratos 2

So, among other things I missed last month, there will be a second season of Infinite Stratos sometime soon. Air date hasn’t been announced, but most of the original cast and staff are returning, and 8-Bit is doing the animation again, which guarantees spectacular battle scenes.

This series was slammed as formulaic, by the numbers, and stale, but I never bought into the anti-hype. Ichika is the weakest point, being the oblivious center of the harem, but the world design and slowly unfolding backstory mark this as a cut above the usual harem garbage. For once, there’s a reason all these girls are chasing the “super loser” guy — he’s the only male in the world that can operate the special women-only mechs, known as Infinite Stratos. Two childhood friends and the top candidate students from Japan, Germany, France, and UK are all chasing him, and doing their level best to stop each other (and anyone else) from getting close to Ichika.

Rom-com, or Mecha series? Few agree on what this hybrid beast is, but the eye candy from season 1 is nice. It will be on my “definite” list in whatever season it appears.

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