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Ubu Roi’s Worst of 2010

Well, it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaack this year! (And, as it happens, delayed by over an ‘endless eight’ months! But that’s ok, I promise not to post it over and over and over!) After skipping 2009 because I wasn’t feeling the snark (and … Continue reading

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Good News: Disappearance

From today’s “Crunchyroll Takeout”; news about anime Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Set for US Run On April 15, 2010, Bandai Entertainment had announced its official licensing of the much anticipated film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. American screenings of the … Continue reading

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Steven’s speculating on a show he’s seen none of again. 🙂 (Edit: Well, so much for that!) This time it’s the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not that he could have avoided knowing as much as he does about it, given … Continue reading

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Melancholy Dub Cast Announced

Only a few hours old, the news from Anime News Network ADR Director – Eric P. Sherman Haruhi Suzumiya – Wendee Lee Mikuru Asahina – Stephanie Sheh Yuki Nagato – Michelle Ruff Kyon – Crispin Freeman Itsuki Koizumi – Johnny … Continue reading

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Putting 2006 Into Perspective

It’s occured to me that the way I’ve been gassing over some of the series I’ve discovered in fansubs, someone might be of the opinion that I’ve just gone gaga over whatever my latest discovery is. “Melancholy is great! No, … Continue reading

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Melancholy Mentioned in Newsweek?

I kid you not. It’s an article about the insane popularity of YouTube, which now hosts over 2,000 clips on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimaya, whether from the series or parodies of it, such as the famous Gundam Robot ED. … Continue reading

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Animé vs. American TV

It’s funny how a meme crops up among several people at the same time, as I was recently reflecting on the same things that I’ve found Steven Den Beste and Pixy Mixa Shamus ruminating on: The differences between Japanese anime … Continue reading

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