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Steven’s speculating on a show he’s seen none of again. 🙂 (Edit: Well, so much for that!) This time it’s the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not that he could have avoided knowing as much as he does about it, given … Continue reading

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Double Disappointing Day

Bad enough the Saints got waxed in Chicago, but the new Dresden Files series on Sci-Fi just sucks. They totally got him wrong, they got Karin Murphy wrong, they got Bob wrong…. it’s just a similarly themed show with none … Continue reading

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Putting 2006 Into Perspective

It’s occured to me that the way I’ve been gassing over some of the series I’ve discovered in fansubs, someone might be of the opinion that I’ve just gone gaga over whatever my latest discovery is. “Melancholy is great! No, … Continue reading

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