Melancholy Mentioned in Newsweek?

I kid you not. It’s an article about the insane popularity of YouTube, which now hosts over 2,000 clips on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimaya, whether from the series or parodies of it, such as the famous Gundam Robot ED. Of course, being an American news magazine, they had to get it wrong, calling Melancholy a “cartoon aired on a local TV station.” You’d think someone with the name of Akinko Kashiwagi would know better. This is supposedly a scan of the print article, but I’ve seen one claim it’s a fake (nothing to support it though.)


Hat tip to Anime on My Mind.

Edit: it’s noted that 10,000 animé DVD’s sold is considered a smash hit in Japan, but MHS is running five to seven times that! I really think we’re going to see a second season come 2008….

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