Newtype = Old Media?

Several weeks ago, I was browsing around my animé pusher’s blog when I ran across a post about the trials and tribulations Robert had gone through trying to get a simple advertisment placed. It seemed that Newtype, which bills itself as the USA’s premeire animé magazine, had a problem with how racy the original image was that he’d submitted for use.

This is the image:

Note the extremely skimpy panties. What you can’t see at this resolution is the tiny crease in their center. The “camel toe,” as it is called, shows up in the racier anime fanservice; Yumeria, Godannar, and DearS are three that I know have featured them, far more graphically. (In fact, I almost didn’t post this shot from DearS, because it’s borderline NSFW.)

Well, Newtype didn’t like it and demanded changes, only they weren’t really clear about what they wanted changed. After several back and forth e-mails and two revisions, Newtype finally agreed to run the revised picture. Note that the original is within their written policy on art. Robert was a bit frustrated with the unclear instructions and not very friendly/businesslike manner in Newtype’s e-mails, so he used them in a blog post expressing his annoyance. I read the post, and would have termed the e-mails from Newtype “very brusque, but not quite rude.” I definately didn’t think much of the customer service or friendly manners of their editor.

The change requested? I’d have guessed lengthening the skirt to hide the panties.


Remove the crease?


It was just to widen the panties to cover those little ass bulges to either side. That’s all. But the editor of NewType is apparently repressed, and he couldn’t say that outright.

On the other hand, he was apparently able to express himself on other matters. Specifically, he was not amused to see a customer publicly discussing frustration with his directives. So, if you visit the post now, all the e-mails and the altered versions of the art are gone. Instead there’s a note:

[UPDATE: As of Aug 14th, 2006 the remaining text and graphics of this post have been voluntarily removed by me at the request of the Editor of NewType USA. A final edit may be in order, I haven’t decided yet.]

In a further comment, replying to Steven DenBeste’s logical question “why do you have to cater to him?”, Robert remarks,

Indeed, especially considering the way I was asked. I’ll be making a seperate post soon about what happened and what we’re going to do about it.

Well, I think I can answer that question. Robert “has” to cater to the editor of NewType because NewType thinks it’s an Old Media Giant, one that can treat the customers any way it wants to. Well I’ve got news for them: Old Media Giants are dinosaurs. There isn’t anything between the covers of their magazine that I really care about. I’m not the type of person to read E! Magazine, TV Guide, People or any of the other gossipy rags going on about the entertainment industry or any niche thereof. And frankly, I hate having to put up with their stupid advertisement at the beginning of so many DVD’s.

I’m certain that not everyone shares my opinion on the uselessness of such media rags, and it has a lot of readers (for the niché, that is). And they do have at least some of the power to treat customers as rudely as they wish, muzzle their complaints, and suppress negative word of mouth if they want to. But that doesn’t make it right or engender good will in the community. The New York Times is no role model, and acting arrogant and unaccountable isn’t any way to do business.

(edited for clarity at 12:35)

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