There’s times I really, really, really hate having ADHD. Like now. For most of the last week, I’ve been having a hyperfocus “lock” centered on anime, especially Ah! My Goddess. I never liked it THAT much; it’s a romance/relationship story, and I’m a guy with no use whatsoever for such stories. Yet I haven’t been able to get my mind off of it; I’ve been reading the manga, pestering Steven with my observations (erroneous and otherwise), re-watching the DVD’s I have; I ordered the full first season and the movie, debated ordering the 2nd;finding the 3rd online (searched Youtube, but it was only in Spanish…), built a playlist of AMV’s and had it looping in the background constantly at work, rewrote scenes in my head (usually to make K1 less of a spineless, ball-less wimp)…

Argh, just STOP it already, brain!!!!

Which, of course it will break, just as the DVD’s arrive, and I won’t be able to stand AMG any more long enough to watch them.

Dammit, dammit, dammit! Why can’t I do this with USEFUL stuff? (Well, actually I do sometims, I just don’t notice it when it happens with my work, because it’s work…)

About the only thing that’s come close to distracting me has been Maburaho (I semi-locked on it) and this.

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  1. Owen S says:

    At least you’re not into manga scanlations (or are you?). About 260+ are complete IIRC.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    I wasn’t before this hit. Since then I’ve read all the Maburaho (that being the only other thing I seem to be focused on now) scanlations, & watched 2 episodes on Youtube (of all places!), and read probably sixty chapters of AMG online. I can’t find anything after 250 though… Maybe I can find it on torrents.

    Grrrrr. My Youtube says I’ve watched over 360 videos. All of those would be within the last five days or so, most are the same 20 being replayed.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Update: Meh. I misunderstood the shipping order. The thinkpack reissue of the first season was NOT included with my order. All I got was the movie and the other items I ordered. And sure enough, I’m wondering about whether I want to watch the movie or not. Sigh. Brain, you suck.

  4. Yeah, I just looked. The new thinpak doesn’t become available for another week.

    It’s OK to watch the movie at any time. It’s not part of the real continuity and it doesn’t contain any spoilers. And it really is very good.

  5. Also, Skuld in the movie is quite a lot different. I think she may be taller. She’s getting control over her magic but isn’t fully there yet. She can fly. She’s got her angel (again), and it’s acting the way an angel is supposed to, though it’s somewhat smaller than Urd’s or Beldandy’s (because Skuld’s power is still developing). And she isn’t jealous of Keiichi any longer.

    You should definitely watch the movie.

  6. Ubu Roi says:

    Oh, I did.

    And I have to say, it did NOT disappoint. Not at all. I’ve still got the end credits playing as I type this; I’m going to need time to process it all, but it is really nice to see some GOOD anime after several seasons of mediocre, recycled crap. Of course, given the level of show I’ve been aiming for, it’s no wonder I’ve been disappointed in the last few seasons.

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