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Posts about my financial support of the animé industry… and damage to my wallet therefrom.

It’s Been Awhile

Since I put in an order to Robert. Thanks to all the medical bills lately (about $500, at a conservative estimate), I had to take it easy, and only order three items. Although, I remember when $133 would get me … Continue reading

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Yet Another Nail in the Coffin (Update)

So here it is midnight as I type this, and I’ve a mind to jump in the car, drive clear across Houston, and pound on Sentai Filmworks front door. I am seriously cheezed off right now. I did my part, … Continue reading

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What the Hell are You Thinking, Japan?

Or more likely, what the hell are you thinking, AniPlex? I wrote off feeling guilty over bittorrenting anime when I saw Fate/Zero at $350. Well folks….. how’s it grab you at $468? For a half-season? Seriously, Japan, you’d better f$cking … Continue reading

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For a Few Dollars Less..

..than a Fate/Zero series, I just did my part to support the more reasonable members of the Japanese Anime-Dan. Delivered today were three series: Tenchy Muyo GXP: This is a favorite of mine — I saw it borrowed from Dr. … Continue reading

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Well, I Guess I Got Beat

There’s no way I can beat THAT middle finger. I refuse to apologize for bittorrenting any longer, and I refuse to feel guilty, and I refuse to buy any series from anyone, anywhere at that price. Burn in hell, Japan. … Continue reading

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And a Big Middle Finger in Your Eye, Too!

In which I speculate wildly and rant without a fully justified reason. Yet. Steven talks about one of the cuter and more enjoyable lightweight series that aired recently, Dog Days. Although his main subject is the official, and often inconsistent, … Continue reading

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More News

Good news, bad news, courtesy of Crunchyroll. FUNimation is releasing the .hack/Quantum OVA in “early 2012.” (So, is that the good or the bad news?) They also announced their own subscription service, called the Elite Subscription, starting in October. Anime … Continue reading

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