What the Hell are You Thinking, Japan?

Or more likely, what the hell are you thinking, AniPlex? I wrote off feeling guilty over bittorrenting anime when I saw Fate/Zero at $350.

Well folks….. how’s it grab you at $468? For a half-season? Seriously, Japan, you’d better f$cking include Saber* herself at $900 for a complete series. And I don’t mean a figurine.

*I’d specify Rin instead, but she’s only six in this series, you know.

Oh, and my order includes
Cat Planet Cuties
Infinite Stratos*
Psychic Squad (aka Zettai Karen Children)

I started to pre-order Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works (at least THAT was quite reasonably priced), but I was already over $120, so I decided to wait.

*I’d swear I already ordered this one, but I can’t find it in any list or sitting around here…

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