Ubu Roi’s Top Ten (Dis-)Honorable Mentions, 2011

And now, the awards that were just not quite bad enough to be in the Worst list.

10. Worst Business/Marketing Decision: Fate/Zero, $350. ‘Nuff said.

9. Worst Angstfest: Be serious. Shanna F has to get this. Once again, what could have been a great horror series is nothing but a horror-flavored romangst show. I am going to have to rename this as “The “Shana” Award” in future years, it’s that bad.

8. Worst “Should Have Been Hentai: Award: Usually, I give this award to a show that is adapted from a hentai dating sim. Or R-15. Not this time, no sir. Maken-ki takes this one in a cakewalk. With source material this weak, and more T&A than you can shake a six-inch pole at, what was the point anyway? Showing yet another looozar male among tons of beauties? Who cares? Let’s see those milk jugs bouncing in a reverse cowgirl! NSFW: (

Such a sensless waste...of panties.

!) I bet that one with the band-aid on her nose is just wild in bed, don’t you? Porn is all that could have saved this waste of time from being, well… a waste of time. Sorry, R-15, you were just trying too hard.

7.Worst Should Have Been Was Hentai: HenZemi, the show that did more to put the ‘R’ in Raunchy than any show since High School Girls Poor R-15, dissed again.

6. Worst Concept Description: Pretty Sunshine Brawlers ZEXAL 4D “One day, a regular girl finds a magical pet that transforms her into a singing top, and now she must collect all the cards to battle against the alien invaders who have come to Earth to steal the world’s rhythm.” Can’t…stop…laughing…ack! Sorry Hidan no Aria, you got whupped, but don’t worry, the next one’s all yours.

5. (Timeline A) Worst Technological Gizmo Steins; Gate, for proving that attaching a cell-phone to a microwave creates a time-machine. Wait, I thought Hidan no Aria was next?

5. (Timeline B) Most Absurd Show: Chicks that are all the descendants of famous historical or fictional figures. Sedgeways with Uzis — and unlimited ammo. Speed x 3. Stewardess uniforms that double as parachutes. Para-sails that can climb or hover indefinitely. What else? Hidan no Aria.

4. (Timeline A) Worst Sequel to Revolutionary Girl Utena: Manwaru Penguindrum, of course. Also gets the “Worst Mind Screw” award. Just because.

4. (Timeline B) Worst Schlockfest Highschool of the Dead. Seriously, Freezing made a play for the title with all the blood n’ tits, but how the hell can you beat zombies and sex for this award? Ain’t happenin’! The bullet-caressing tits were just icing on the cake. I’d call it a scene you just have to see… but it’s not. Really.

3 . (Timeline A) Worst Harem: Infinite Stratos, for having two childhood friends, a loon, three tsunderes (at least one of whom converts to dere-dere), and a reverse trap. Oh, and a male lead who is totally oblivious to the fact that all of them are chasing him, and the only female he seems to notice is his older sister. Even though he rooms with two of the harem at different times, and one turns up naked in his bed, he never even seems to notice them. Neutronium — it’s what’s for dinner.

3. (Timeline B) Worst Harem: Maken-Ki, for having all three haremettes living in the same tiny dorm suite with the protagonist, and having less hanky-panky go on than in the average church. I mean, damn, they’re all there to cockblock each other, but you’d think there would be some time for a little grab-ass and spooning at some point, right?

2. (Timeline A) Worst Gender Confusion: Three-way tie: characters from Baka to Test, Maria+Holic Alive, and Steins; Gate. I should probably give the latter the edge, since he actually did become a girl for a while. But each of the other two have female twins, so it’s never quite certain whether or not you need to pull an Admiral Ackbar to warn your friends. “It’s a trap!”. Seriously, if I had to explain that joke to you, you’re too young to be reading this blog.

2. (Timeline B) Worst Abuse of Punctuation: And Steins;Gate beats out Maria+Holic, since a + sign is a mathematical operand, not punctuation, per se.

1. (Timeline A) Worst Technological Gizmo Steins;Gate, for proving that attaching a cell-phone to a microwave creates a time-machine. Wait, why do I have a feeling of deja vu?

1. (Timeline B) Worst Refrigerator Moment In the last episode of Steins;Gate, it is established that absolutely nothing can be changed from what was observed in the first episode. And yet stopping WWIII depends on something being changed – specifically, substitution of the plastic toy for the metal one, so the package will remain in the cargo hold and be burned before landing.

El! Psy! Congeroo! Muahahahahhahhaahaha!

(And for those of you who are wondering, Rio didn’t make it in either list because it would break my brain to even contemplate that show enough to give it an award. That’s how bad it was.)

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5 Responses to Ubu Roi’s Top Ten (Dis-)Honorable Mentions, 2011

  1. cuc says:

    The title is officially written as ???†????. The symbol in the middle “†” is a dagger, which is a punctuation.

  2. Wonderduck says:

    Way to miss the point, cuc.

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. So it’s a dagger, not an operand. Still not punctuation. Although it could be said to be puncture-ation.

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