For a Few Dollars Less..

..than a Fate/Zero series, I just did my part to support the more reasonable members of the Japanese Anime-Dan. Delivered today were three series:

Tenchy Muyo GXP: This is a favorite of mine — I saw it borrowed from Dr. Heinous and wanted my own copy to go back and watch my favorite parts, or just Amane vamping Seina. Wait, that might hve been redundant.

Xam’d: I’ve heard good things about this series. I’ve heard bad things about this series. It was reduced for closeout, and now I’ll see for myself.

Elfen Lied: Because it’s Elfen Lied, dammit. Do I really need a better reason? No? I didn’t think so.

You’ll note however, there is not one obligation buy in this order. I suppose I’ll have to fix that next time, but this was sort of an impulse buy; a Christmas present to myself. Yay me, Merry Late Christmas.

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