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Good news, bad news, courtesy of Crunchyroll.

FUNimation is releasing the .hack/Quantum OVA in “early 2012.” (So, is that the good or the bad news?) They also announced their own subscription service, called the Elite Subscription, starting in October. Anime in HD, commercial free, uncut, exclusive series, English dubs on the release dates, and more for $7.95/month. Or, in other words, $7.95 more than I’m already paying to Crunchyroll. I take it we can assume this model is a success, if others are jumping on the bandwagon.

However, Funi has still have not gotten materials for the Geneon shows that were licensed at AX in 2010. This seems curious, to say the least.

Finally they are in negotiations for more One Piece, they do not have plans for Rainbow on DVD yet, and they have not gotten additional rights for more D.Gray-man.

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