Sankarea Anime Announced

No season specified yet. If you’re not familiar with the manga, I’d classify it as “teen comedy-horror and romance.”

Furuya Chihiro is a zombie nut. He collects everything to do with zombies: DVD’s, manga, books… he’s even got his cute, very forward cousin Saouji Ranko (aka “Wanko-san”) interested in zombies. But he doesn’t reveal that his collection includes that strange book (and later the diary of his senile grandfather ex-scientist), which hints it may be possible to really make a zombie.

Distraught at the death of his pet cat, he resolves to try it out — only to be shocked by the surprise arrival of Sanka Rea, the beautiful, but lonely and estranged daughter of the wealthy Sanka family. She drinks the potion half as a joke, but when she dies in an accident shortly after, she really becomes a zombie! Now Furuya has to deal with two jealous girlfriends, one of whom is dead — and a really pissed off father! Of course there’s the minor problem that dead bodies tend to rot… Can Furuya find a solution in time, before either of his girlfriends kill him? At least only one will eat him…

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