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A Bit About Minecraft

In response to Brickmuppet’s inquiry (and hey, I’m not as doctrinaire as Steven, but do try to put comments on the appropriate thread), I suppose I could explain just what Minecraft is. It’s frustration incarnate, at times. It’s also a … Continue reading

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Dear Mojang:

If you want me to consider buying Minecraft, put the freaking price on your website. Don’t hide it; don’t force me to register just to learn whether your “charmingly blocky” game is worth throwing money at. Because if you have … Continue reading

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Well That Just Sucks

I really, really, really wish I’d read the system requirements for Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, you know, before I spent $40 on it. Required: Windows Vista 32 bit. Yeah, yeah, don’t give me crap about XP … Continue reading

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Victim of Success?

I’m thinking Trion Worlds needs to get with character transfers, ASAP. A series of server splits would be an ideal solution though. Talk about being a victim of your own success! View this link about 7pm central. It looks like … Continue reading

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Game Review — RIFT

As the description says, animé, games, and other silly things. Here goes a rare gaming post. A while back, a fellow WOW player (Redneck Guy, actually) asked me if I’d seen or heard of a game called RIFT. He had … Continue reading

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Villianous City of Heroic Champions Online

A post in which we pretty much forget to review any of the games or compare them to each other, but instead waste time posting pictures of our anime-themed characters. What can I say? It seemed like the thing to … Continue reading

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The Drawbacks of Being Popular

I’ll take obscurity over being drawn as a loli catgirl, thankyouverymuch! …says the guy who just started a City of Villains character named “Nekomune” in a guild called “SOS Brigade.” Sorry to be so unoriginal, but our first choice, “Hair … Continue reading

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