Dear Mojang:

If you want me to consider buying Minecraft, put the freaking price on your website. Don’t hide it; don’t force me to register just to learn whether your “charmingly blocky” game is worth throwing money at. Because if you have to hide the price, I assume it’s not.

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2 Responses to Dear Mojang:

  1. Griffin says:

    Strange, when I click on Store at the top of the page, it tells me $26.95. Are you not seeing that? I don’t seem to be logged in.

    In any case, there’s apparently now a demo mode for trying the full game (note this is different than being able to play the very different “classic” game for free, which was always available), although I don’t know exactly how it works.

  2. Rick C says:

    It actually is kind of dumb that it’s not as easy to find the price as you would like. But if you click the STore link on the top, it’ll take you to a page with the price, without requiring you to log in. As Griffin says, it’s $26.95.

    The demo mode runs as an applet in the browser. Interestingly, it asks to run with unrestricted permissions, and if you already have the game, it can read your save files from your local hard drive. Looks to me like it’s the full version of the game. Maybe there’s a time limit or some other limit if you haven’t bought it.

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