That’s Enough of That!

We’ve all seen it before. The tired, overused, please-God-not-another-cliche-story. It uses the same old trope as the last 400 anime and mangas, and there’s only 30 or 40 of them this season alone. Or it seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one, anyway.

What am I talking about? Overused series concepts. Crunchyroll reports on crap that Japanese fans are tired of watching, and the results look like… well, the last several seasons and the next one too. But there’s some fun to be had in the list, all the same…

Perhaps unsurprising is that Harems and Imouto come in at 1 and 2, while ero-adaptations in general come in at 4th. (Third is so generic as to be meaningless, although Fractale is a good example). Tied for sixth was any Shonen Jump adaptation. Heh.

Ninth was “Anime whose appeal rests on the size of its female cast’s chests.” Queen’s Blade, I’m lookin’ at you! It was #12 that made me laugh: “Gundam”. Not mecha in general (that was 18th!), just Gundam. Seriously, LOL. As I once said, “take any generic plot with a mecha, paint it white, and stick a Gundam name on it, then sit back and rake in the money.” Man, these Japanese fans are getting cynical. I like that.

Anything by Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli comes in at 19th. And waaaaaay down at 23rd is “Military anime with casts full of girls.” Must be talking about Girls Und Pazner. No way they could be talking about Strike Witches — the War on Pants must go on! Since there wasn’t a simultaneous reference to #9, they obviously weren’t talking about Divergence Eve.

Anyway, full list at the link above.

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7 Responses to That’s Enough of That!

  1. In “girls in the military” there was also that one about the girl bugler, whatever it was named. I watched about two episodes of that one.

  2. It’s noteworthy that mahou shoujo didn’t make the list!

  3. Ubu Roi says:

    Neither did masou shoujo. :-p

  4. Mauser says:

    For me, anything with multiple episodes of Arena Combat, with spectators rules-lawyering about the powers and strategies of the combatants.

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