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That’s Enough of That!

We’ve all seen it before. The tired, overused, please-God-not-another-cliche-story. It uses the same old trope as the last 400 anime and mangas, and there’s only 30 or 40 of them this season alone. Or it seems like you can’t swing … Continue reading

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Sword Art Online, Reflections from ep. 17

I started to type this as a brief comment over at Brickmuppet’s place, but there’s a minor glitch in which it thinks I’m banned. It’s happened before; not worth bothering Pixy about. And then I got wordy…. Suffice to say, … Continue reading

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Infinite Stratos, yet again (Update)

I’m probably spending more time talking about this show than it’s worth, especially given that it’s not a top-of-the-line show, but there are a few things to be said for it — as well as against it. In the main, … Continue reading

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Angst in Animé

One of the subjects you’ll see come up for discussion from time to time is angst. Some viewers claim to hate it, and others revel in it. But what is angst? Why do people disagree over it in animé? Obviously, … Continue reading

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Occult Acadamy: Fail

A lot of people dissed this show before it began, citing a lack of originality. I didn’t see it that way, although by the end of the first two episodes, I did see their point; it was a bizarre pastiche … Continue reading

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The Disappointment of Disappointment (updated)

Every season for the last two or three, we’ve heard the same thing. “I can’t believe the crap that’s coming out. OMG, nothing’s worth watching next season!” And yet, every season has seen one or more breakout hits that were, … Continue reading

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Worst Honorable Mentions, 2008

Ok, to keep everyone entertained while I’m out of town, here’s the honorable mentions. To distract you from the total lack of humor inherent in this post, I have provided several NSFW posts of Minato Nagase from Akane-iro, below the … Continue reading

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