So, Am I Finally Out of My Slump?

Since mid-November, I’ve been having a terribad time playing World of Warships. Only this week have I finally put together several nights in a row that I would consider successful.

Its a slight uptick...


So, my win rate is continuing to trend downwards, but every other stat is going up. Average damage is probably on the increase due to the higher tiers I’m playing, but I feel better about my play too. I’m using cover more, and having high-damage games even when I play lower tiers. Not that I always do well; I have my share of sub-1000 damage games where everything goes wrong. But I got a little curious today about ship stats during play. Here’s a little of what I found.

Likes FTW! (Popular ships)
Wonderduck and I aren’t the only ones liking the Cleveland. It’s the single most played ship, at 6,484,527 games on the North American server. That’s more than the second place Wyoming by almost a million. It shouldn’t be any surprise that the American navy dominates this stat with 9 of the top ten — only the Minekaze breaks in at #7. The American and Japanese were the first two navies in the game, so the first non-American or Japanese ship is the Koonigsberg at 22 (I can’t do funky umlauts). The Tirpitz at 24 is the highest premium (i.e.: non-free) ship, with the Atlanta at #30. The Wyoming, Cleveland, and Minekaze are the most popular BB, CA, and DD, while the Langley at #23 is the most popular carrier.

For the Gipper! (Winning Ships)
The Flint wins by a full six percentage points (66.92%), but I think it was either removed or only a limited-time premium. The remainder of the top ten are Imperator Nikolai I, Shinonome, Koonig Albert, Iwaki Alpha (another limited-issue ship), Belfast, Kamikaze R, Fujin, Shiratsuyu, and amusingly, the Arizona.(54.78%)

Applied Firepower! (Most Damage)
Carriers and T10’s dominate the top ten in this category. A few CA’s join the club, but DD’s need not apply. In order: Midway (99k), Hakuryu, Yamato, Grober Kurfurst (paper ship), Taiho, Zao, Moskva, Montana (paper ship), Essex, Minotaur. That’s four CV’s, three BB’s, and three CA’s. The appearance of the British T10 Minotaur surprised me. My experiences up through the Emerald (T5), hadn’t prepared me for that. Highest DD is Khabarovsk, at #18 (58.6K)

Sluttiest Ships? (Most Experience Earned on Average)
Hakuryu (it’s a CV), Flint, Midway, Minotaur (again!), Zao, Des Moines, Yamato, Khabarovsk, Moskva, Missouri.. Solid T10’s, except for the Flint(T7) and the Missouri(T9). I think I remember reading that the Flint was pulled because it was broken. This seems to suggest that is true.

Death by the Numbers (Ship kills to Own Death ratio)
That Carriers dominate this is not surprising. That the Flint appears is somewhat less so. That the American-Japanese entrants almost wholly own the top ten might be expected, in terms of player experience. Hakuryu 6.1:1), Taiho, Midway, Shokaku, Essex, Hiryu, Saipan, Lexington, Flint (oh, hi there!), then Ryujo and Imperator Nikoai I tie for 10th at 2.4:1. Interesting that the last are a T6 and T4, respectively.

I WILL Kill Him! (Best Average Ship Kills per game, regardless of deaths)
The dominance of Carriers abate somewhat, though they own three of the top four spots. The fourth? Flint. Yep, broken. Hakuryu (1.5), Flint, Taiho, Midway, Imperator Nikoai I, Koonig Albert, Minotaur, Kamikaze R, Fujin, Iwaki Alpha(1.1). Another interesting point is that half are lower-tier ships; Albert is only a T3, Nikolai and Iwaki are T4’s. Even more curious, the kills per game are much lower than the “per death” ratio… So it’s not that their really deadly, it’s just that they don’t die much? Notably, the Yamato, at #29, is the first ship not to have a 1.0 kill/game ratio, lower than #20’s Nassau (T3 German BB).

Death From Above (Best Average Plane Kills)
Despite American dominance in AA armament, the carriers own this category down to the #16 slot, where (guess who!) the Flint resides. Midway, Hakuryu, Saipan, Essex, Taiho, Shokaku, Lexington, Hiryu, Ranger, Bogue.

I will Survive! (Best Survival %)
Carriers, of course. Taiho, Hakuryu, Shokaku, Midway, Saipan, Hiryu, Essex, Lexington, Ryujo, and despite my best efforts, Independence. At #14, the Zao is the first non-carrier. Ironically, the Arizona is #18, even higher than the Flint‘s #21. Those shitty, shitty Brit cruisers at T4 (Danae) and T5 (Emerald) are #178 and #180. That’s out of 188. Damn but I hated those ships. They pretty much broke Dr.Heinous from playing entirely. Worst ship? Wickes, T3 American DD with a 13% survival rating. And yet it survived multiple battles with the Amagi in Taylor Anderson’s Destroyermen series?
I call bullshit.

Stay on Target! (Best Main Gun Hit %)
Alternately, “most used with hacks.” This category is more varied in tier and nation with the Shinonome(T6, 50%), Z23(8), Hatsuharu(6), Z46(9), Ernst Gaede(6), Albany(2!!!), Kamikaze R(5), Kamikaze(5), Fujin(5), and Z52(T10, 45%). For those not in the know, all the Z-series are German DD’s; the Fujin is “Pan-Asian” (Chinese), and the Kamikaze R was a special limited edition of the Kamikaze.

Eurobeat’s Bitches (Best Torpedo Hit %)
If you don’t get the title, you’ve never seen any of Eurobeat’s Youtube videos. Search for “WOWS Funtage.” The first two are the best. This category is a veritable UN of WOWS, as it’s got all the major navies in it. In order: Katori (15%), Scharnhorst, Geneisenau, Smith, Campbeltown, V-170, Chapayev, Krazny Krym (donuts!), Kamikaze R, and G-101 (11%). The Katori is a T3 Jap cruiser, while the Campbeltown and G-101 are Brit and German T3 DD’s. The USA’s only entry is the T2 Smith.

So that’s all I’ve got time for. Hope you WOWSers found it interesting…

Note: All stats are for PVP.

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23 Responses to So, Am I Finally Out of My Slump?

  1. Mauser says:

    During November and December, during the final two ARP missions, my graph was on a steady decline. I was playing the hell out of the Takao in December, because it was one of the few ships I had of a high enough tier to complete the missions, and even though I was getting pasted, I got more experience than with lower tier ships. But I just don’t Cruiser very well, and it was a long slope down, all the way across the graph.

    But come January, I decided to go where I was doing better, and pulled out my tier 5 Japanese carrier (even though I had the tier 6, I just HATED going up against the Independence) and started kicking butt. Not only was I winning, but I was even getting my first container in a single round. Although I haven’t been quite as consistent as I like, at one point I even got 5 kills. (perhaps got = stole, but who cares?). Alas, I haven’t been able to replicate that feat ever since I started the Task to kill 4.

    My name is Dr. Mauser, and I play a Carrier….

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Your stats beat mine across the board. 🙂

    Edit: Links added

    Dr. Heinous
    Schnort (aka, {P}resident Evil)

    Wonderduck says he sucks at PVP?

    I really stink up the place relative to everyone, don’t I?

  3. Mauser says:

    Looking at this, you should try to play your Tier 4 Cruisers and Tier 5 Battleships more, and stick to your better ships instead of playing so many different ones.

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    I am trying to progress up the trees;(because they’re there!) and I’m also working various missions or specials which require variety. While you’re correct, there is also another matter: I’m good for about 6-10 games… then I lose concentration and start playing stupid. Finally, I also play with Dr.Heinous and Schnort a lot, who also jump around tiers and nations. I’ve realized that variety means “not settling into a regular strategy” — I don’t know how many times I’ve suddenly realized, “oh crap, I’m in a cruiser now, I can’t broadside a battleship!” Fewer games in a session and concentrating on fewer types is what I decided on this morning to improve my stats. We’ll see.

  5. David says:

    My stats have a tendency to bounce around, but predictably if I play lots, they improve, if I take a break to play something else, they decline. If I concentrate on one ship or type of ships, they improve a lot, if I go with my normal “get first win of the day bonus on all the ships”, my stats tend to suffer a bit.

    The Flint is an Atlanta with a smoke consumable. That’s pretty overpowered, indeed. But what really makes it dominate the stats is that it was given as a reward for reaching the top tier of ranked combat one season. So it’s only found in the hands of the skilled and dedicated players.

  6. Mauser says:

    Abount to take another stab at Ranked battles (They just opened up yesterday), But it requires a Tier 7 or better, which means an ARP cruiser, and I decided to not take out the Tako, but one of the other ones, and skill her for that new HE strategy Jingles pointed out (the delayed Fuse thing, combined with increased fire flags and skills to make up for the lost fire setting percentages).

    • David says:

      It’s not Tier 7 or better, it’s Tier 7, period. The best non-premium ship to use is the Nagato, next down from that is Myoko, with the ARP variants one step down from the base version due to lack of real camouflage. I’ve been playing with my Atlanta, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, and ARP Haguro. I have them all set up slightly differently, ARP Myoko has probably the best build for this, with the marksmanship skills, IFHE, Demolition Expert, Concealmeant, and hydro fitted. Ashigara was set up for better all-around survivability with the extra catapult fighter, and Haguro is set up similar to Myoko with fewer skill points available. I found that at the starting tiers the Atlanta worked quite well and let me dominate, but I’m at rank 13 now, and the Atlanta is fast becoming less functional.

      • Mauser says:

        Yeah, I’m running my ARP Myoko. Did I mention I suck at cruisering?

        Wish they were still running the cheap reallocation thing….

        • David says:

          I’ve had a lot of time to play lately, and I’ve also been watching a lot of the various youtube videos from Flamu, Jingles, Notser, etc. I’ve learned a lot, and I’m getting much better in some ways, though in others I still suffer. Playing ranked is also a pretty concentrated learning experience. Going in, I was pretty awful at the IJN cruisers, I got better rapidly. The key to Myoko is to stay on the flanks at rapid speed, angled and dodging around. You’ve got the accuracy to hit hard from range and set fires, and at range you have time to react to incoming fire and either dodge it entirely or at least get angled. I often find that the battleships will take one or two shots at me, and if they get no hits or damage, they’ll pick another target, at which point I can start manuevering more offensively. And if you’re always looping around and going in different directions, it’s hard for destroyers to ambush you. Just be careful if you start using islands to set up your own ambush that you don’t walk into one set by the enemy. And never, ever ever turn broadside to get your torps into play if you’re already taking fire or a battleship has it’s guns even remotely pointed in your direction. I like to look for places where I can do an angled run coming in, get some fires started, then dodge behind rocks to get turned around and fire torps.

          • Mauser says:

            Yeah, with aft-only torpedoes, I almost never use them (Although once I sank a ship with a single torp hit that I didn’t even really intend – just doing area denial).

            The fire control system (aiming thing) is a nice thing to have, instead of the other main gun modification. Really tightens up the groups. Although I’ve still had matches where almost nothing hits.

            (Also, trying to keep my rating up, I had a FANTASTIC round with my Zuiho. Four kills, including the game-winner, a DD that slipped past everyone and came at me, taken out by one shot from my secondaries before I could even launch at him.)

      • Mauser says:

        And of course, when I load Hydro, there’s a Carrier, and when I load Defensive Fire, no Carrier. (Currently stuck at 19, because that’s where you can lose stars.)

        • David says:

          I was fortunate enough to start a bit higher, I think I was rank 17 at the start of this event. I was able to push to 12 very easily, then I bounced up and down between 12 and 10 for a few days, gain stars, gain rank, lose them, try again. Last night I was lucky enough to be on when there weren’t very many people on, but some of them were very good indeed, and I got very lucky being seeded in with _thesneakysnake_ four times in a row, for four easy wins and I ended the night at rank 8.

          Up until about rank 11, you could find just about anything tier 7 being run. Above that, the ship selection filters down precipitously. I haven’t seen a carrier in ages, Colorados are equally rare, and almost all the destroyers are either IJN or premium, the cruisers are basically Fiji, Belfast, sometimes an Atlanta, very rarely a Myoko, if someone shows up in a Yorck or Pensacola they get yelled at.

          • Mauser says:

            Well, now that it’s over, I finished at 17, with 6 or 7 stars for next time. Considering I started at nothing….

            And what the hell was up with them putting out special missions for Ranked battles in Tier FIVE? Totally impossible.

            I did win that new Tier 3 IJN ship, but not terribly impressed with it. And it doesn’t appear in the tech tree.

  7. Mauser says:

    Ranked battles seems to be confusing the heck out of WarshipsToday.

  8. Mauser says:

    Huh, a container just awarded me 4 places in my reserve. WTF is that useful for? Grinding another captain?

    • David says:

      Yeah, I’ve gotten like 16 reserve spots that way. When you get gifted ships by an event or line split, often they give you a captain with 9 or so points on it, so even if you sell the ship, it’s handy to keep that captain in the reserve. And lots of people like to train up captains on their premium ships, the people that do nothing but run their Tirpitz, Missouri, Kutuzov, etc can train a captain to 16 or more points very quickly, then just stuff it into the reserve until they have a new ship of that type to play with.

      • Mauser says:

        After the whole skill set change, I’ve only set skills for about 4 or 5 of my captains. And ARP captains can be easily swapped around. But I still suck at cruisers. Carriers though, I’m totally lethal.

  9. Ubu Roi says:

    Heh. I made it up to 16 and then stopped playing for the most part. I haven’t really quit the game, but I’m giving it a rest. The answer was “no, I’m not out of my slump”, and both Dr. Heinous and President Evil (Schnort) wanted to take a break from the ships. Both were better than me, but would invariably rant when sunk or badly damaged. Damn snowflakes.

    We’re playing Rift again for now. Damn money-grubbing Trion. Seriously, they need to take lessons from WOWS; their value for paid play sucks.

  10. Mauser says:

    Took a major hit because one of the missions for lots and lots of camo required you use each class of ship. Cruisers and Battleships…. god do I suck. I can Carrier like nobody’s business, except at Tier 6 vs the Independence. Especially when they run Air Superiority. They get so smug about it too. Very frustrating.

  11. Ubu Roi says:

    Oddly, I never run Air Superiority. I just don’t feel like I’m doing my job if I’m not blowing holes in ships. Though it wasn’t until recently that I knew you could flip back and forth among the various set-ups once you bought them. I thought you had to pay xp again every time you changed, and no way was I doing that.

    • David says:

      I mostly stopped playing CV’s a while back. I’ve been playing a bit more since the recent revamp to their economy and UI, but it’s still not really worth my play time. I really don’t like how they changed the map controls, it’s much harder to go between looking at the whole map and zooming in for a strafe or bomb run now.

      • Mauser says:

        The map has always been a pain in that you can’t zoom in if the cursor is over something you’ve targeted, which is exactly where you WANT to zoom in. And once you do, being able to zoom back OUT into map mode would be really nice.

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