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A Bit About Minecraft

In response to Brickmuppet’s inquiry (and hey, I’m not as doctrinaire as Steven, but do try to put comments on the appropriate thread), I suppose I could explain just what Minecraft is. It’s frustration incarnate, at times. It’s also a … Continue reading

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Minecraft, Anyone?

Any interest in my remaining readers (either of them, heh) in joining a small MC survival multiplayer server? Already existing, or new. Currently 1.6.2, mods as described here, but it looks like one of them accidentally deleted horses (I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Why do I Keep Hearing Timpani?

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OMFG, part deux

It’s back online. NSFW in the extreme! One of these days, I’m going to write an actual article. I need to get caught up discussing Campione! and Ah! My Goddess. And I need to get caught up watching anime… I … Continue reading

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MOM Problems

So I got an itch to play Masters of Magic yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not working. A few months ago, with Windows 8 on the way, I finally broke down and installed Win 7. Of the programs I’ve installed, most have … Continue reading

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Dear Mojang:

If you want me to consider buying Minecraft, put the freaking price on your website. Don’t hide it; don’t force me to register just to learn whether your “charmingly blocky” game is worth throwing money at. Because if you have … Continue reading

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The Bolshevik Crusade, part 4

Well, started getting bored with the in-character write-up, and frankly, the army’s would be boring. Aside from the Moretsu and Akhibara divisions, there isn’t that much for me to congratulate my self on being so cool for. As if. Well, … Continue reading

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