Minecraft, Anyone?

Any interest in my remaining readers (either of them, heh) in joining a small MC survival multiplayer server? Already existing, or new. Currently 1.6.2, mods as described here, but it looks like one of them accidentally deleted horses (I’ve seen none). Player damage is on, but deliberate PvP is not desired and bannable. (If you and a friend want to duel, that’s ok, but no ganking).

The DL packages are a little out of date, so don’t jump the gun. I’m just looking for interest — at this point the server in question is terribly empty (it’s me, I, and myself; Dr. H hasn’t played much, and Master Plan is on another server), but I don’t want to join some server with 1,000 players getting in the way. 10-15 would be great; even 5 would be nice.

Alternate ideas are to restart it as a 1.6.4 server with a new world, but remove some of the mods to make the game more challenging, or restart as a 1.7.2 server. I don’t like that so much because the new code to rationalize adjacent zone climate changes can result in a huge area of sameness.

Map of a part of the current world. .

If I don’t get any interest, I’m probably going to shut this server down at the end of the month, and stick to SSP.

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2 Responses to Minecraft, Anyone?

  1. Griffin says:

    I’m interested, although I don’t have a lot of time to play these days. What sort of activities do you have in mind? Building stuff, exploring, trying to “win?”

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    Survival Multi-Player with some mods; mostly building and exploring, with the occasional group foray into some mod dungeons and the Nether. I was debating setting up an economy based around barter and a feudal model, where I’d play the “ruler” and people would “buy” land grants by supplying me with resources, which I’d use to build a city (i.e.: very large game village), or turn around and offer the materials in return for accomplishing a task, such as building roads or rails.

    However, unless volunteers start falling from the skies, I will likely pull the plug this weekend. Administration would be a PITA, and to do it the way I want to would require me to expend an awful lot of time/effort, going into the holiday season.

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