He Killed Negima for This?

Ken Akamatsu is back.

It’s a sequel of sorts.

In other news, Crunchyroll has manga. (I had to use the Mangafox link though; CR wants more money to read their limited manga. I’ll think about it.)

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12 Responses to He Killed Negima for This?

  1. I think it’s actually pretty good, except for the fact that part of her curse seems to have worn off, which we were told was impossible. So he’s beginning the series by changing canon. (Also, at the end of Negima we were told that Negi was immortal. Now he’s died?)

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    It’s not worn off; she’s taking the “+ Age Pills” non-stop. In the third issue, she shows up as a 12 year old for a bit.

    As for Negi, in the last issue it was revealed (at least in Asuna’s original future) that he went missing.

    And I don’t like the “Kotaru-ness” of the main character.

  3. topmaker says:

    I thought that, by the end of the manga, magic was well known all over the world. This must truly be an out in nowhere precinct.

    Also, I thought the author did not commit to who Negi’s wife was. We know that Konoka Konoe was married to someone else ( Setsuna, was married about the same time, no?), but I see the Konoe name on the gravestones of mom and pop, and only Negi’s headstone in the back, with no headstone for his wife.

    Could his daughter have married Konoka’s son? Am I reading way too much into this?

  4. Ubu Roi says:

    I’m sure Akamatsu knows what he’s doing on that score — I think he’s positively a sadist when it comes to inspiring WMG’s.

    As far as I’m concerned, everything that was related to/after Asuna’s disappearance for a century doesn’t exist. Non-canon.


    (Assuming “A-ka” is two syllables…)
    Edit: fixed per Steven’s note, below.
    I still stand by my original speculation. Uh, WMG.

  5. Unfortunately, “a-ka” is two syllables but “matsu” is only one. You could fix it by appending a -san.

  6. topmaker says:

    I thought that chapter 352 would have been a better way to end than the two (three?) following it.
    Anyway, the grave is different from the new manga, the location was not on a hill, and was surrounded by several graves. I’m not sure about the date in the new manga, but in the original – Chapter 352, pg. eight – it was June 12, 2065.

    As for Eva, she mentioned tripping around dimensions in Chao’s Deus ex, uh, trans-world machine thingy. So there’s an a** pull card if you need one right there.

    I guess you are both right and there was not a lot of attention paid to old cannon.

  7. Topmaker: “canon” is an established body of knowledge. “cannon” is a weapon for firing projectiles.

  8. Ubu Roi says:

    Unless you’re talking about a camera. Then it’s “Canon.”

  9. topmaker says:

    Steven, you’re right, of course. Although I have read forums where “canon” gets used as a weapon as well, but that’s a different story.

    I’m lucky I didn’t throw in the Pachelbel composition while I was at it.

  10. I’m sorry for being nitpicky, but that particular mistake really bugs me.

  11. And of course, there’s Kanon, which is a soap opera.

  12. topmaker says:

    And how. Between Kanon and Clannad I think I bought stock in Visine. Dish towels make great high capacity handkerchiefs, by the way.

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