Why do I Keep Hearing Timpani?

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2 Responses to Why do I Keep Hearing Timpani?

  1. Griffin says:

    Haha, excellent. I like how you put all stone tools on your hotbar for the shot (or was that an accident?).

    What are your favorite things to do so far? I mostly just enjoy exploring the surface world (more so in the earlier versions when the land was more interesting), and sometimes building up villages — haven’t ever felt inspired to make any big constructions, never had any interest in trying to go to the End….

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    The stone tools are an accident (it’s early in this server world) but the bone isn’t.

    I like exploring (above and below ground) and construction. Probably my greatest projects on an earlier server involved the complete makeover of a mountain (into what, I don’t know, but I was getting there) and the creation of a village from scratch. I only play SMP, but like you, I could care less about the End, and the Nether is just a really dangerous dungeon to raid for me.

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