It’s the End of Civilization as We Know It…

And I feel fine.

While I was paying attention to nothing nearly as important, HyperDimension Neptunia: ReBirth 1 was released last January on Steam. ReBirth 2 is also out.

Now, I could buy the game, play it, and then review it, but hey, I did that last month with Sunrider. So I’ll just steal the important parts of Steam player Pepsimanvsjoe‘s review (much abridged):

HN is broken up into 8 chapters. Typically there’s plot, then shopping, more dialogue, random people handing you “plans”, dungeons (both forced & optional), and then more plot. It’s a standard setup and if you know what you’re doing and/or skipping dialogue this game can be quite short. I wouldn’t recommend it though, because the actual game portions aren’t the greatest…. The combat fares a bit better. It’s turn-based and over-time you develop combos. There are three types: rush for building EXE meter (super moves), power for straight damage, and break for taking down shields. There are a variety of other skills like healing, buffs, and so on. The roster of playable characters eventually blossoms to over a dozen as well. ….Notice the lack of character discussion in this review. Yeah, I’m not going to spoil the best aspect of the game. The cast of Neptunia is great, and the voice-acting (both ENG & JPN) is very well-done. I mean okay yeah, it’s cute girls, some of whom transform into something exceptionally form-fitting, but the dialogue is rarely dull.

In the end, he recommends the game. I might give it a whirl, but for the price point, I’ll probably do Sunrider Academy first.

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