Not Good

More storms all across the area, but at least it’s not training as bad as it did a few days ago. The southwest side is having some of that, though, and it was the worst hit before.

EDIT: Had to post quickly due to power going on and off. Here’s a couple of pictures showing the training. The actual storm movement is just a bit south of due east, NOT SE.

Storm just moving into my area (I'm east of downtown).

Notice the second line building behind the first, near Katy.

EDIT 2: (P)resident Evil, who lives in the Austin area, states he’s not going to stop cheering for the rain until Lake Travis is full; it’s only at 75%.

Two weeks ago, it was at 40%…

EDIT 3: Things settled down with a max of just over 3″ of rain. Nothing like last time.

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2 Responses to Not Good

  1. Brickmuppet says:

    I’m glad you’re OK.

    I heard Houston got hit fairly bad. How does it compare to some of the Hurricanes you’ve dealt with?

    Who is (P}resident evil?
    He/she sounds…well, evil.
    Also impatient.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    It didn’t even come to the level of the first tropical storm Allison. On the other hand, both Allisons were extreme versions of tropical storms. And on the third hand, I’ve experienced full hurricanes that were wimpier rainmakers than this storm. They were category 1, fast moving, and relatively dry.

    Yeah, it was a mess, but the worst rainfall was in a relatively narrow “box” about (roughly estimated) eight miles long and five across. Outside of that area, rainfall didn’t get over the five-six inch level, which is pretty bad, but not catastrophic.

    As for (P)Resident Evil, I point you to this story

    Edit: I still sound like I’m minimizing it… the impact on me was negligible, but with over a dozen people dead, let’s be fair. It was a significant event for the state and city; easily the worst flooding since Ike.

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