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General discussion (not specifically a review) of a series not available yet in Region 1, but subtitled by fans and released on the internet.

Index, not Railgun

Like some others, I was disappointed that the new series will be a sequel to the Index series, not Railgun. The reason seems to be, that aside from the Sisters Arc (which we’ve already seen from one side) the source … Continue reading

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Princess Lover Notes

Strictly as a matter of evaluating haremettes, Sylvie was top tier, with Charlotte failing simply on the simple-minded score…I don’t think she was really dumb, but she came across as an airhead, which I find annoying in more than small doses. Seika was the violent tsundere, which automatically DQ’d her, although in terms of business leadership, she was Teppei’s best match. As for Yuu… I just never warmed to her. Continue reading

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Sekirei S2 (and a bit of manga)

Apparently, several weeks ago, I started a post on Sekirei’s second season, and never finished it. Given that we’re now past the third episode, and this is turning out to be one of the surprise quality shows of the season, … Continue reading

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Not Much Time

So I’m going to throw out a few thoughts on what I might watch and try to blog next season. This is not a review, which means it’s probably worthless, unless you just like hearing folks think aloud. Or electronically… … Continue reading

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Get with it already….

Ok, the raws are beginning to hit the webs. For all that I ranted at it, the girls in Kampfer are cute. But still…. Hopefully, there will be some subbed anime to watch this weekend. I can’t even find anything … Continue reading

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So Steven’s been discovering the fun of torrenting lately, and one of the series he’s been checking out is a fanservice series from a couple of years ago called Goyshuso-sama, Ninominya-kun. This is translated by the fansubbers within the series … Continue reading

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Asura’s Cryin’

Note to the writers; whenever you throw a whole bunch of random stuff into the first episode, then either the second needs to level off and play it straight, or start providing explanations in order to untangle the first episode. … Continue reading

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