So Steven’s been discovering the fun of torrenting lately, and one of the series he’s been checking out is a fanservice series from a couple of years ago called Goyshuso-sama, Ninominya-kun. This is translated by the fansubbers within the series as “My condolences, Ninomiya.” Said condolences being given to a guy who’s being chased after two beauties who either vamp him, or tie him up and vamp him. And they’re (spoiler) both succubi, so he can’t kiss them! Poor Ninomiya Shungo, to be caught between these two… and his merciless, probably insane sister. Just for the record, this series earned multiple awards in my never-entirely-serious “Worst of” awards in 2007.

The broadcast series had a reasonable amount of fanservice, particularly centered around Mayu, the well-endowed one. Reika, the DFC heiress, has her moments too though. What turns out to be surprising, is that the usual “DVD un-censoring” has been extremely mild. While these are still fansubs, the torrents that Steven is watching are taken from DVD rips, though mine were from the original broadcast. Sadly, there’s not a lot of difference. Whereas on Code Geass, we at least got a little more T&A from Kallen, Strike Witches dropped a lot of fog and sunbeams, and Kanokon DVD’s should just have been sold in a plain brown wrapper, GSNK has wimped out to an unexpected degree. The already racy OP was not amped up in the least, there’s been no nipples, and just forget anything resembling full frontals. It’s also painfully obvious that this is deliberate.

How lame is it? Below the fold, and mildly NSFW.

Here’s the change in one scene.

Broadcast version:

Look at where her hair is in this shot.

DVD Version (taken from SDB’s site)

Now look where it is! Whoo hoo, you get a little more boobage, and that’s it. The whole idea of making the DVD’s racier is to enhance their sales. Sex sells, and you can put a lot more of a naked girl on a DVD than you can broadcast, even in Japan. Gonzo is a past master of the technique, de-cloaking panties faster than a Klingon warbird off the starboard bow.

This? Unless they ramp it up seriously in the later episodes, it’s just lame. I’ll treat the purchase as an obligation buy, but given my previous complaints over episodes 6 and 8, I’m not going to consider it money very well spent.

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