Three Bad Signs

It’s a bad sign when you totally lose track of the episodes you’ve seen, and think you’ve skipped one–but you haven’t; it’s just that the episodes were all forgettable.

It’s a bad sign when you start skipping forward to catch the fanservice scenes, because the rest of the show sucks.

It’s a really bad sign when you find yourself going, “Hey, wasn’t one of these girls supposed to be a succubus or something? I forgot… and so did the writers!”

How bad is it? I’m rating He is My Master as better than Goyshusho-sama. As disturbing as it sometimes was, it was funnier, sexier, and had a story to tell.

GSNK can’t even win despite having multiple sweaty girls dressed in swimsuits and meido outfits simultaneously, delivering suggestive dialogue. Now THAT’s bad.

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2 Responses to Three Bad Signs

  1. That’s sad. For a while it was looking like they might slip a real story in there, midst all the fan service.
    Who knows; could still happen. But it’s always a danger sign when a 12-ep series starts tossing in filler episodes.

  2. Ubu Roi says:

    The problem is, except for that one, they’re all filler, in effect. Not even any more flashbacks. The only thing I give them good marks for, at this point, is the omakes. They are before each episode, and don’t really mess with the overall setting, although the continuity (such as it is) gets tossed aside. So far, we’ve seen Mayu tie herself up, Reika start a “cult of the small breast” and both Mayu and Reika do yaoi doujinshi.

    It doesn’t help that I watched the latest episode right after mainlining Misaki Chronicles. That’s not something to put one in a forgiving mood.

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