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Some Very Random Notes

This post is mostly stream-of-consciousness; that is, if you accept the controversial theory that I am conscious. Really, I didn’t have anything to say; I was just too bored of playing WOW. So this is going to bounce around like … Continue reading

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Animé: Why I Like It (and What I Like)

(Note: Steven’s comment about giving away endings isn’t fully correct. Major spoilers are blacked out, but he forgot he has local rules in place to override my font settings. I’ve found a spoiler tag plug-in for WP and will install … Continue reading

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Was Melancholy Overhyped by Fans?

This post is somewhat recycled, but I am working on something a bit more original. This is just to clear my backlog of partially-written articles and give you something to pass the time. Anyway, it beats more nothing; it’s been … Continue reading

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Don’s shutting down Beware the Kawaii and replacing it with The Kawaii Menace, although he’s having a little, er, issue, with the host and a rocky start. I’ll wait to see what he does before changing the links in the … Continue reading

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Bored with WOW?

I must be. I pulled out Divergence Eve last night, just before going to bed. Just to watch the OP and ED’s; all four of them. It still irks me that I can’t find the 2nd ED anywhere, even retail. … Continue reading

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Oh, The Horror!

As in science-fiction horror. A while back, I watched Divergence Eve, which I found to be a great story, somewhat lessened by its unnecessary and excessive fanservice. Well, today, I lucked on the second half of the story, Misaki Chronicles, … Continue reading

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AMG2 Coming!

What a night for surfing the internet. Just found over at ANN: ADV Films Acquires Oh! My Goddess Season 2 As mentioned in our interview with Mike Bailiff, ADV Films has acquired the second season of the Oh! My Goddess … Continue reading

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